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Member List Policy

WHRO-TV, WHRO-FM, and WHRV-FM are services of WHRO Public Media, a subsidiary of Hampton Roads Educational Television Association. The following Membership List Policy governs WHRO's use of all its stations' member information.

Membership is an important source of support and WHRO's relationship with its members is the highest expression of our commitment to WHRO's mission to enhancing the lives of the citizens in the communities it serves by responding to their need to be engaged, educated, entertained and enlightened.

With due respect for our members' right of privacy, WHRO has established the following policy and practices regarding their data to ensure WHRO's active control in safeguarding against any unauthorized use. This policy applies to all members and donors and is applicable to both online and offline donors.

Use of the Membership List by WHRO

WHRO regularly contacts its members to carry out WHRO's necessary and normal operations. These operations include mailings of such items as: membership publications, membership renewal notices, special requests for contributions, and information regarding member benefits. On a more occasional basis, WHRO also communicates with its members by phone or email to communicate with them regarding such matters as membership renewal and programming of special interest to their needs. All membership communications are conducted directly by WHRO or through an affiliated third party, such as a direct marketing firm, acting on behalf of WHRO and under our supervision. We may occasionally send members a mailing on behalf of another organization when we feel it may be of interest.

No Direct Use of the List by Other Organizations or Political Candidates

WHRO does not sell, rent or exchange its membership list for any purpose. (This includes compliance with the Communications Act by not disclosing donor information to third parties and not renting donor information to, or exchanging such information with, candidates for public office, committees or organizations supporting a candidate, political parties, or organizations that solicit funds for use in political campaigns for any purpose. (see 47 U.S.C. § 396(k)(12)).) WHRO's corporate officers are authorized and directed to take all steps which the Board deems reasonably necessary to assure that confidentiality is maintained for all member information entrusted to us.