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  • The historic Black neighborhood of Jackson Ward was intentionally split by highway development in the 1950s. Generations later, could a plan to reconnect the north and south sides renew a community?
  • Join us for the next episode of Education Matters on Wednesday at noon on WHRV. We'll be talking with Lisa Martin, superintendent of Northampton Country Schools, and we'll be taking your phone calls.
  • Have you faced discrimination based on age? Is there an age too old to be considered for some jobs—like president of the United States? Another View's Round Table pundits are exploring the topic today at noon on WHRV.
  • This week, WHRO Public Media continues our series into issues facing today’s educators. Join us for Education Matters, a live, call-in show where local superintendents answer your questions.
  • Join us today at noon on WHRV FM for a special broadcast. Education Matters is a live, call-in program featuring local school superintendents.
  • As local news coverage has declined in Hampton Roads, WHRO Public Media has worked to fill the gap by expanding its newsroom. We're hearing from community members which issues are most important to them and exploring the ways local journalism adds to the vibrancy of the community.
  • Dr. Lynne Fenton is the psychiatrist who treated the mass shooter who attacked patrons of a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. In the weeks and months following the tragedy she faced questions and harsh criticism from some who suggested she should have done more to prevent the attack.
  • She is the first woman in American history to manage a winning presidential campaign, and she spent four years as the highest-ranking woman in the White House. On this week's episode of Watching America, Kellyanne Conway discusses the journey from her South Jersey roots to Washington, D.C.
  • In this week's episode of Watching America, Dr. Alan Campbell speaks with Dave Rubin, an author, comedian, and TV personality best known for his political commentary. Rubin explores issues in his new book from hot-button topics like transgender athletics to mental health advice regarding the benefits of regular media fasts.
  • WHRO Public Media has undertaken a new initiative to address issues surrounding race and the history of race in the communities of South Hampton Roads. Our latest event, Race Let's Talk About It: Closing the Education Gap, was an insightful community conversation. If you missed it, you can watch the recording.