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An electric vehicle charger at a shopping center in Norfolk.
Photo by Katherine Hafner
Local governments say they’re seeing growing interest in EVs, but more infrastructure is needed to support them.
Quadaire Patterson speaks at a gathering in Virginia’s Capitol on July 8, 2024 to celebrate the implementation of earned sentence credits.
Charlotte Rene Woods / Virginia Mercury
A law took effect last week that allowed certain incarcerated people to be released from prison for acquiring earned sentence credits.
U.S. Army Soldiers transport pallets of humanitarian aid during the operation off the coast of Gaza.
Department of Defense
The U.S. failed to restart shipments into the war torn area Wednesday because of bad weather.
Nick McNamara / WHRO
Residents say increased police presence and new stop signs haven’t had enough of an impact at the intersection of Shell Road and Greenbriar Avenue.

D.I. Ray
D.I. Rachita Ray investigates the suspected honor killing of a young Muslim man.


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