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Out of the Box Album of the Week--The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers have always worn their honesty on their sleeves, unafraid to be direct and earnest. On their first album in five years, a self-titled effort, they return with nine songs that go from infectious energy to melancholy reflection without a hint of irony. 

The instrumentation is simpler that their last two albums without as much experimentation. Their long time producer Rick Rubin keeps them focused on beautiful harmonies, great melodies and songs about everyday life. The album opens with an acapella exercise and ends with a song that sums up the band’s philosophy throughout their career; finding meaning in every moment of life. 

The album bounces between upbeat arrangements and wistful, existential songs. Their fiddle player, Tania Elizabeth shines on many songs and one song in particular about their rural beginnings. 

On their first album since the pandemic, the Avett Brothers put things into perspective and show us what we’ve been missing the past five years. The sincerity of their music is not something to be taken for granted and the new album is a welcome reminder of that.