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  • As WHRO continues to endeavor to impact its community positively, it has curated a free podcast series The Dream Conductor. Meticulously crafted over almost a year, this free offering intends to guide better sleep, mindfulness, and overall health.
  • Enjoy an engaging 60-second journey through time—full of factoids, historical moments, and the sounds that shaped musical history for today's date.
  • When radio host Dwight Davis created the program Bird Notes back in 1991, he had no idea it would remain so popular for so long.
  • Former actor and model Jason Umidi nearly lost everything after years of heavy drinking and drug addiction. In his new book, he discusses how he got clean and sober after entering detox and a 12-step program, and why he returned to the faith of his childhood.
  • She beat pediatric bone cancer, then became the youngest American to ever orbit the earth. Now she works as a physician assistant at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Hear her story of resiliency and hope.
  • In his latest book Five Floors Up, author Brian McDonald explores the history of four generations of firefighters in New York. In this conversation, he discusses the book and shares some of the unforgettable stories he heard about the firefighters' experiences on 9/11.
  • One of the highest-ranking defectors from Scientology exposes the secret inner workings of this powerful organization in his new memoir. Hear our interview with him.
  • Mass shootings, natural disasters, war — the trauma of these events affect us all. How do we heal? That’s the topic of this week’s episode of Watching America with guest Dr. Randall Bell.
  • A new podcast from WHRO Public Media examines rural life and the people who live it through the eyes of award-winning documentarian Amy Drewry.
  • The summer before his senior year in college, author Greg Melville worked at the cemetery in his hometown. The experience began his lifelong curiosity with how, where and why we commemorate our dead. Hear our conversation with him.