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WHRO Offers On-the-Go Parenting Advice With New Texting Program

Parents teach child to ride a bike

WHRO has teamed up with Bright by Text, a national parent texting program, to put expert tips, games and child development information directly into the hands of parents and caregivers, with content focused on pre-birth through age eight. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, neighbor, or babysitter, Bright by Text can make caring for a little one easier!

Once parents sign up, they will receive free text messages that provide easy, practical tips and activities targeted to their child’s age. The parenting content comes from trusted partners like PBS and Sesame Street and includes information on development, language and early literacy, health and safety, behavioral tips, and more.

Parenting tips

Bright by Text advocates a “whole child, whole family” approach to parenting. They are dedicated to supporting parents from pregnancy to the early childhood years. For expecting parents, they offer tips on physical health, safety, and preparing for baby’s arrival. For parents, they provide advice on children’s milestones by age; tips for challenging situations such as picky eaters or children who have trouble sleeping; and parenting topics such as stress management and bonding with children.

Parents are asked for their child’s birth date and zip code when signing up to ensure messages are relevant to them and their children. They will also receive information about local events and resources available in their city.

WHRO is excited to partner with Bright by Text to offer this service.

Text the word WHRO to 274448 to sign up.

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