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A passionate and emotional kickoff for the Summer Opera Season

Prepare yourself to be moved this Saturday afternoon, June 15, by Rossini’s “William Tell”, a passionate and emotional opera well known for its musical complexity.

In a production from the Vienna State Opera, conducted by Bertrand de Billy, we will be transported to thirteenth-century Switzerland to witness the fervent love story between Arnold, performed by tenor John Osborn, and Matilda, performed by American soprano Lisette Oropesa, and the fight for independence and liberty of William Tell, incarnated by Italian baritone Roberto Frontali.

William Tell is renowned for its great vocal complexity, especially in the arias and ensembles. It also made a significant contribution to the symphonic music repertoire thanks to its famous overture, which is a masterpiece in itself, and familiar to many as the theme song from “The Lone Ranger”!

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy, or discover for the first time, this jewel that truly deserves to be appreciated by generations to come!