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Birth & Depression: The Unspoken Conversation

mother and child

In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month WHRV has been airing weekly radio specials that explore mental health topics. This week we bring you the last in the series.

Birth & Depression: The Unspoken Conversation

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues are the most common complications during and after pregnancy, yet 75 percent of postpartum problems go untreated. The consequences can be devastating. Suicide and overdoses are the leading causes of maternal death in the United States. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the first-ever pill specifically aimed at postpartum depression, but most health plans don’t cover the medication. This unique program looks at the under-recognized public health issue of postpartum depression and the challenge of treatment. We’ll hear firsthand from people who have experienced it.

Join us on Tuesday, May 28, at noon. You can also listen live online.