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WHRV Airs Series on Artificial Intelligence

Photo by Kindel Media, pexels.com

Join us May 20 for a week-long series on WHRV on the topic of Artificial Intelligence.

This series features distinguished guests and highlights AI itself. We'll hear from NPR's new CEO, Katherine Maher, discussing AI and journalism, and OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, sharing insights on ChatGPT and other AI tools.

Each episode leverages AI to deepen our discussions about the potential benefits of technology and the collective efforts needed to harness it—along with the challenges and precautions we must consider in this rapidly evolving field.

Join us at 11 a.m. on WHRV, or listen live online.

Monday, May 20
Katherine Maher (NPR CEO) on the Future of Trusted Information

Tuesday, May 21
Ben Nelson on the Future of Higher Education-

Wednesday, May 22
Bryan Stevenson on the Future of Criminal Justice 

Thursday, May 23
Janette Sadik-Khan on the Future of Cities

Friday, May 24
Sam Altman (CEO of OpenAI) and Greg Brockman on AI and the Future

We're excited to provide these in-depth conversations and a rich context to the many areas Ai "lives" in our daily experience through this week-long special series on WHRV.

Note: These specials will pre-empt the second hour of 1A with Jenn White.