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Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools proposes 4.5% employee raise in 2025 budget

(Courtesy: Shutterstock)
(Courtesy: Shutterstock)

The Williamsburg-James City County school board approved a $199 million budget increasing staff salaries by an average of 4.5%.

Superintendent Olwen Herron proposed a 3% salary increase for all employees, but some board members and district staff said it didn’t go far enough.

Board members Randy Riffle and Kimberley Hundley voiced concerns at this month’s work session about staying competitive with surrounding localities like York County, which is considering a 5.5% increase for all staff.

Nearby Poquoson City Public Schools is giving a 5% raise to employees across the division.

Marco Sardi is an orchestra teacher at James Blair Middle School in Williamsburg and president of the Williamsburg-James City Education Association.

Sardi said he knows teachers who are leaving for better pay in other districts, but he’s glad the school board pushed for an increase in the proposed budget.

“4.5% will keep the lights on. Whether it’s going to be bold enough for staff to really want to stick around is going to be remaining to be seen,” he said.

The school division’s budget, while final, depends on money from the state budget, which is still being finalized.

School board members left room in their approval Tuesday night for Herron to adjust the local funding request depending on final numbers from Richmond.

A note: The Williamsburg-James City County School Division is a member of HRETA, which holds WHRO’s FCC license.

Superintendent Olwen Herron is on WHRO’s Governing Board of Directors, and school board member Randy Riffle is on the HRETA Educational Advisory Committee.

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