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February’s Must-Have Teacher Resources

This month's highlighted resources feature videos to learn about inventors and their inventions -- along with how to become an inventor yourself, everything you need to know about each American president presented in 60-second segments, details about Susan B. Anthony and voting rights, and a collection of resources to celebrate Black History Month. 

Highlighted Collection:

20 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in Your Classroom

Commemorate Black History Month in your classroom with 20 digital media resources and lesson ideas that cover topics like civil rights events, discussions about race in current events, and black artists and leaders past and present. These resources provide authentic student-driven learning experiences that will help all students participate in Black History Month. View the collection.


National Inventors Day - Feb. 11

Great Inventors and Inventions:

1887 - Granville T. Woods, Called the "Black Edison," Patents the Induction Telegraph System Learn how black inventors and scientists added greatly to the inventions and knowledge of the Gilded Age.

Invention of the Pop Tab, Traffic Signal, and a Gas Mask | Know Ohio You've likely heard of Dayton's Wright Brothers, but they're far from the only inventive Ohioans! This Know Ohio introduces two clever Buckeyes who invented things we use every day: Ernie Fraze and Garrett Morgan.

African-American Inventors | Georgia Stories Chris Mitchell teaches Georgia students about African American inventors using original patents, documents, and photographs.

Kid Inventor: The Collapsible Lacrosse Stick In this video segment from ZOOM, Lauren explains how she invented a way to make her lacrosse stick fit in her backpack.

Thomas Edison Invents Menlo Park Learn about American inventor Thomas Edison (1847 - 1931) and the creation of his invention laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey.

Innovations and Inventions This interactive is designed to check your knowledge of the innovations and inventions that were developed in the late Nineteenth Century and early Twentieth Century.

Scientist Profile: Engineer In this video profile, award-winning engineer Lonnie Johnson discusses his most popular invention, the SuperSoaker 2000.

Alexander Graham Bell | Scientist, Inventor, and Teacher Alexander Graham Bell devoted his life to helping people—deaf and hearing—communicate. Working tirelessly to integrate the deaf into society—like his pupil Helen Keller—Bell was also an avid inventor. He created numerous communication devices, including the telephone. 


The Science of Inventing:

How To Be An Inventor Digital Game | Martha Speaks Learn about how new devices are developed in this interactive story from MARTHA SPEAKS.After the story, students can use the Martha’s True Stories Buddies Program to describe ideas for new inventions that improve life.

Inventions: Need a Light? Try Science. | Science Trek Inventors use the Scientific Method to answer questions, solve problems and invent things. Learn what the Scientific Method is and how Edison used it to invent the light bulb.

The Case of the Wright Invention Travel back in time with the tree house detectives to learn about the process of invention from two of the greatest inventors of all time,Orville and Wilbur Wright. The tree house detectives find that inventing is not as easy as it seems, and it really does take the "Wright" stuff to be a good inventor.

Simple Solutions: The Engineering Design Process mechanical engineer Amy Smith explains the design process for an innovation that enables poor people in isolated villages to determine whether their water supplies are free of dangerous bacteria.

Susan B. Anthony Day - Feb. 15

Susan B. Anthony’s Genius Raised in a family of reformers, Susan B. Anthony worked on the interlinked causes of abolition, temperance, and women’s rights. She garnered tactics from all the movements as she went on the road, often under threat of violence, to convert others to her causes.

Collection Voting Rights Explore the history and current controversies of voting rights, learn about gerrymandering, and consider how voter ID laws target and exclude particular groups.

The Fifteenth Amendment and the Battle Over Voting Rights In this activity, designed to take one to two 45-minute class periods, students explore the battle over the Fifteenth Amendment and consider the forces that led to and exacerbated divisions by race and gender.


Presidents' Day - Feb. 19

Collection 60-Second Presidents Everything you need to know about each President of the United States of America - in just 60 seconds!

Last year, on our teacher's blog, one teacher provided a fun  Presidents’ Day Scavenger Huntbased on the video collection above. This is a great activity that can be adapted for grades 2-12. Check it out.

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