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7 Storytelling Resources to Help Students Crush the PBS Kids Writers Contest

Photo: pexels.com

January 30 – February 6 is National Storytelling Week, and our annual writers contest is now open for entries!

Each year, WHRO Public Media invites students in grades K-5th to create a great story and illustrate it. If you know a child who is interested, help them improve their writing and storytelling skills with this collection of resources from eMediaVA, Virginia's premier digital media content library for educators and students.

Storytelling: Writers' Workshop Students draw on their understanding of different types of narratives to inspire and enrich their own storytelling. This is one of four storytelling lessons.

Storytelling: Oral Traditions In this lesson, students talk about what makes a good story, look at the oral tradition of storytelling, and watch two stories from Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native oral traditions.

Martha's Memory | Martha Speaks Help children understand point of view in storytelling and build vocabulary using this Martha Speaks video! Martha and friends discuss what the words "certain" and "sure" mean, and Martha shares her version of how a game they played ended.

Storytelling with Words and Pictures In this interactive lesson, students learn the basics of how stories are structured, gain vocabulary about storytelling elements, and explore how the arts, specifically drawing, can be a valuable way for students to tell stories. By the end of the lesson, each student will have written a story with a clear setting, conflict, and resolution. They will have reflected on the process of storytelling, and are given the (optional) opportunity to create a comic.

Let's Tell a Story | Everyday Learning What kind of wacky adventures can a classroom hamster have when different voices help to tell the story? This animation follows Hammie the hamster as three different students narrate his story.

Resource Packet for Narrative Writing Use these guides and graphic organizers to come up with an exciting story structure! Courtesy of our sister station WQED, this collection of resources will help you prepare for the PBS Kids Writers Contest.

Raising Readers Collection of Printables Includes fun activities like Bingo and choose-your-own learning adventures, all designed to help improve children's reading, writing and storytelling skills. 

About the PBS Kids Writers Contest

Stories can be fact or fiction, poetry or prose, and will be judged on originality, creative expression, storytelling and integration of illustrations. Student entries can be submitted in either the general or environmental category. First-place and second-place winners will be selected in each grade level for each category. Learn more.

About eMediaVA eMediaVA is Virginia’s premier digital media content library for educators and students, providing access to thousands of free, relevant, SOL-aligned digital learning resources for teachers and families. Learn more.

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