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Honoring Local Heroes: Poquoson High School's Veterans Project

For several years, Poquoson High School has been actively engaging students in a meaningful project, connecting them with local veterans. This initiative not only pays tribute to the veterans for their dedicated service but also creates valuable learning experiences for the students involved.

Becky Morrison, AP U.S. History teacher at Poquoson High School, said she started the Poquoson Veterans Project in 2017 after she attended a conference in Washington, D.C. hosted by the Friends of the National WWII Two Memorial. The organization encouraged teachers to begin a community service project when they returned to their schools. "The goals of this project are to put students and veterans together to bridge the generation gap and to honor the veterans for their service," she explained. "It's really important for the younger generation of kids to know what these men and women have sacrificed for their country."

The project has helped students learn about history through first-hand accounts.

"Speaking as someone who has some experience in the field, or just the job duties that we did, it does help these students get a better grasp on what actually went on while we were serving in the military," said Theodore Imbasciani, a Marine Corps veteran. He also said he enjoyed meeting other veterans through the project that he would not have known otherwise. 

"It brings a sense of camaraderie to everyone including the young adults who are interviewing us or who reach out to us to be part of this program," he said.

Students have enjoyed it as well. Shelby Moore, a junior at the high school, said the experience was very informative for her.

"It was so rewarding and insightful for me, and I learned so much from it and everybody in the community needs to get involved let alone students."

The students honored the veterans during their recent Homecoming game and were excited to join them on the field.