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'Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Television' Debuts Sept. 9

Photo Credit: Channing Johnson, courtesy of WGBH

Home cooks will enjoy the addition of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television to the WHRO TV 15 lineup. From Thailand to Szechuan, from Peru to Tel Aviv, the show brings the best of home cooking to public television. In each of the season's 13 half-hour episodes, the test cooks of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street search the world over for techniques that can add a little kick, and convenience, to everyday American cooking. Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television follows the journey from first bite to kitchen-tested recipe. The series is filmed in locations across the world as well as in the kitchen of the organization's headquarters at 177 Milk Street in downtown Boston. 

Each episode gives viewers the chance to see the process at work as recipes are tested, edited, and translated for best results in the home-cooking environment. It may be a new flavor combination, like the Thai-inspired fish sauce and coconut milk dressing used to elevate simple coleslaw. Or, it may be reviving an old classic, like a caramel-sauced oranges recipe that borrows from the Brits by way of Italy and brings a bit of the Swinging Sixties to the 21st-century dinner table.

The first season will premiere on Saturday, September 9, at 9:30 a.m. on WHRO TV 15.

Can't wait to get cooking? 

We have three recipes from the first three episodes!

Episode 101 - Home Cooking, Chinese Style Host Christopher Kimball visits world traveler and cookbook author Fuchsia Dunlop in London to learn about the Chinese approach to cooking.

Featured Recipe: Chinese White-Cooked Chicken with Ginger-Soy Dressing

Episode 102 - The New Baking In this episode, host Christopher Kimball goes to London’s Violet Bakery to visit with rising pastry star Claire Ptak. While there, he learns some of her baking techniques, such as under-whipping egg whites for a lighter cake.

Featured Recipe: Chocolate, Prune and Rum Cake

Episode 103 - From Thailand with Love Host Christopher Kimball travels to Thailand to explore the strong, bright flavors used in Thai cooking

Featured Recipe: Thai Fried Rice