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WHRO’s PBS KIDS Village: A Huge Hit at the Virginia Children’s Festival

Saturday, October 1, thousands of families came out to Town Point Park in Norfolk to be entertained and to have fun. WHRO’s PBS KIDS Village right beside the main stage had several stations for children to explore, learn and create.

The PBS KIDS Lab provided several digital experiences including Curious George Bubble Pop on the interactive whiteboard and adventures with the Wild Kratts on laptops. Children could choose their favorite Super Reader Mask after playing the Super WHY! Beanbag Game. Super WHY! was also on site to delight his fans. One young boy came dressed in his Super Why! Pajamas to get a picture with his hero. Word Girl also greeted her fans throughout the day.

Over 575 children played the WHRO Cube Game and received age appropriate books. This is a game where every child wins. They get to choose which cube they want to play with and then they roll the cube and depending on the age of the child they are asked to identify the PBS KIDS Character, name the color, count the number of dots on the cube, add the number of dots on two cubes or multiply the two numbers.

In another area of the village Odd Squad was calling all agents to help WHRO. Their mission: WHRO is having trouble with its towers and cannot receive signals from PBS to air your favorite programs. Invent a gadget that will help fix the towers and WHRO will be saved! Hundreds of gadgets were created. 

“Mr. Steve” gave two main stage performances and had children singing and dancing with him. He asked the Hurrah Players to perform two numbers with him and the crowd was thrilled. “Mr. Steve” also held meet and greets at the WHRO booth following his stage performances. One of his biggest fans brought his own guitar and when he got a chance to meet the performer, “Mr. Steve” pulled a guitar pick out of his pocket and gave it to the young man. No doubt that is an experience the boy will always remember.

All in all the Virginia Children’s Festival was a wonderful family fun filled day for all who attended.