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Bay Diesel & Generator

"Our corporate sponsorship efforts at WHRO, have been the best media investment we have made. Not only do we feel we are supporting  the efforts of a worthwhile organization, but  frequently we will hear from customers and business associates that they heard our support messages on radio, or saw them on TV, and they thank us for our support of WHRO."


Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation

"In becoming a corporate sponsor with WHRO we found a supportive and knowledgeable partner in sharing our message and mission with the Hampton Roads community.  It is a double bang for our buck being able to tell our story all the while supporting WHRO, a truly valuable and respected asset to this region."


Berret's Restaurant

"Of all the media we have used: cable TV, commercial radio, local TV, newspaper...by far the most positive reaction we get is from being heard as a sponsor of WHRO."



"As a businessman, I know the value of a good investment. Becoming a corporate sponsor with WHRO has benefited both my business and the Hampton Roads community. I also appreciate the added value Decorum receives while supporting WHRO."


Dale Carnegie Eastern Virginia

"Being a Corporate Sponsor with WHRO has really been good for our business. It gets our name out into the community and also helps support something we believe it. It’s been a most worthwhile and beneficial investment in making our community better known in this area. I thoroughly encourage other organizations to become a Corporate Sponsor with WHRO."


Garden Atriums, Poquoson

"We are proud sponsors of WHRO Public Media. As developers of a sustainable homes community in Poquoson, Virginia, we have found the most effective way to reach people interested in changing their lifestyle, to put sustainability at the forefront, is through NPR WHRV FM. Over 80% of our visitors heard the announcement of our open house on WHRV-FM and they went to our web site first, arriving with a better understanding of the home and how it functioned. If the demographic you’re trying to reach matches NPR WHRV’s listenership, it’s an avenue well worth investment."

Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D. and Trina C. Duncan Garden Atriums, Poquoson gardenatriums.com


The Mariners' Museum and Park

"WHRO not only provides great tools to reach our audiences, they are an invaluable partner for our organization.”

Crystal Breede, Senior Director, Marketing Communications and Special Events, The Mariners' Museum and Park


Physicians for Peace

"Our underwriting campaign on WHRO was the most effective local media/PR investment we have made. Throughout our underwriting campaign we heard from our donors and friends that they heard our spot. We were both grateful for the effective exposure of our message and proud to be featured on the quality programming of our local NPR station. It was a successful partnership in every way."



"Sentara is a proud underwriter of WHRO. Through local public radio and television, Sentara is able to share information on advanced medical and surgical options available to the community. Sentara and WHRO share the same vision of educating our community and providing services to enhance the quality of life for our neighbors, friends and family."


Tidewater Community College

"Many thanks for all your help in promoting our lectures.  I was so pleased that TCC was able to arrange to fund the marketing spots for the lecture.  I couldn’t have done this without your assistance.  I was pleased by the turn-out and look forward to working with WHRO again."


Warwick Forest and The Gardens

"We decided to try underwriting with WHRO for just one month and have received such an overwhelming positive response that we signed on for more!  It's directly reaching our target audience while supporting the stations that they love.  I encourage businesses to give it a try - you will be amazed at the immediate response you'll receive."