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Volunteer Appreciation Week: Part Two

Everything that we do is made possible through the support of our community. This week, we will be recognizing the dedicated volunteers who invest much of their time and effort into the operations here at WHRO. These folks who work to support what they love are why we're able to continue to thrive. During our pledge drives alone, it takes 84 volunteers to fully staff a weeklong TV drive and 160 volunteers to fully staff a weeklong radio drive. Even still, we are never short-handed because of the passionate volunteers that reach out.

We continue on our second day of featuring the faces behind the familiar voices that are broadcasted on the airwaves, the faces of those who answer phones, the faces of those who greet guests, the faces of those staff events and the faces of those who help everything in-between. Along with the bright smiles and descriptions, some of the volunteers explain why they continue to do what they love to do.

Kim Wadsworth

"The hashtag #supportwhatyoulove says it all. You can always find the time, no matter how busy you are, to be a part of something you count on in life. I rely on public television and public radio to enhance my life experience, so it's very easy to represent what I love. Knowing that I can watch and listen to programming that is enriching my life and entertaining me in poignant ways is the best reason to support WHRO Public Media."

Kathy Sugar

“I’ve been a volunteer for WHRO for over 20 years…five of them with the WHRO Voice. I also help pick up food donations for pledge drives. By far, volunteering here is the best part of my week!”

Bill Zimmerman

“I continue to volunteer at WHRO because of the joy that it brings me and I’ve grown quite fond of the staff and volunteers here."

For 20 years, Bill Zimmerman has helped with just about everything around WHRO. As a long time listener for the over 50 years, Mr. Zimmerman has supported what he loves.

“This is a wonderful thing to do. It gives me a lot of pleasure to rub elbows with the staff and with the talent here…I just stay in the background. That’s what a good volunteer does. How much do we save the station? A ton!”