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Summer Intern Spotlight: Meet John, Tristan, & Audrey

This summer WHRO welcomed a group of highly talented interns who are working in various departments throughout the organization. Meet a few of them.

Meet John O’Neill, a WHRO production intern and rising senior at the College of William and Mary. As a production intern, John does “a little bit of everything” with a focus on video editing. After volunteering with production during the filming of Comedy Bootcamp, John knew he wanted to continue working for WHRO over the summer. Majoring in film and media studies at William and Mary, John is interested in a career in TV and comedy writing. One of his favorite things about WHRO, other than the classical music radio programming, is the friendly work environment. “There is something here for everyone. Whether you’re interested in social media or production, there are a lot of really nice people that can help you with anything.”

Meet Tristan Morris-Mann, a WHRO intern and recent graduate of Old Dominion University. As an intern, Tristan has been digitalizing the CD library, writing public service announcements, and helping out at various events. At WHRO, Tristan has found that he has enjoyed the fun and friendly working environment the most. He believes this internship has taught him a lot about the station and how to reach out to the community. With aspirations to be an orchestral musician or conductor, Tristan spends much of his time outside of the office practicing and playing the flute. “I applied for an internship because I thought it would be a lot of fun to help out at the station I grew up listening to.”  

Meet Audrey Gibson, WHRO Social media and marketing intern from Virwho is studying English and Communications at Villanova University. This summer, Audrey has helped manage WHRO's social media pages and assisted with marketing initiatives. She chose the internship at WHRO because she wanted to gain experience working in the field of public media and apply her skills as an English major in a new and creative way. Already well versed in social media, Audrey had previous experience  managing social media accounts and working with media sponsors as part of her university's media and publicity committee for Villanova Special Olympics -- the largest student-run Special Olympics program in the world. She says the internship has allowed her to build on this past experience while pushing her to further develop her creativity. "I enjoy doing something different every day. Working in marketing allows me to exercise my creativity and pushes me to think outside of the box."