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XP Installation Instructions

1. Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections View -> Network Connections. Click on “Create a New Connection”.

2. “Welcome to the New Connection Wizard” will appear. Click Next.

3. Click in the circle next to “Connect to the Internet”, and then click Next.

4. Click in the circle next to “Set up my connection manually”, and then click Next.

5. Click in the circle next to “Connect using a dial-up modem”, and then click Next.

7. Type in “WHRO” for the ISP Name, and then click Next.

8. Type in 489-1922 for Norfolk or 369-4200 for Williamsburg where it says Phone Number, and then click Next.

9. Enter your username and password in the boxes provided. Leave the checkboxes as the defaults, and then click Next.

10. Check “Add shortcut to the connection on my desktop” and then click Finish.

11. Now you have successfully created your dial up connection to WHRO, you are now ready to connect to the Internet. Double click the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop.

12. The dial-up connection dialogue box will now appear.

13. Enter your username in the box labeled “User name.”

14. Enter your password in the box labeled “Password.”

15. If a phone line is plugged into your computer or modem, you may now connect to the Internet. To do this, simply press the “Connect” button. You are now connected to the Internet!

Outlook Express (email)
Now it is time to set up your email account. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Start -> All Programs -> Outlook Express.
 *(If the Mail Connect Wizard does not automatically appear, go to Tools ->
Options ->click on Mail tab, click Add -> Mail).

2. Enter your full name -> click Next.

3. Enter your email address ( - where the username is your user ID. Click Next.

4. First line should read "My incoming mail is a POP3 server" - Type in “” in the boxes for incoming and outgoing mail servers. Click Next.

5. Enter your username and password in the boxes provided. Click Next.

6.  “You have now successfully set up your email account on this

7. Click “Finish” to finalize your new settings.
You can now start sending and receiving email!

Contact our technical support if you are unable to browse the internet or send/receive emails.

Contact Support

  • Technical Support Hotline: 757.889.9424
  • Technical Support Email:
  • Technical Support Fax: 757.451.6842

Technical Support Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST