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Excellence In Technology Winners 2001

Awarded during the Great Computer Challenges @ Old Dominion University on March 24 & May 19, 2001

Elementary Winners

Support Personnel: Educator Tonya P. Rickman-Rogers
Computer Resource Teacher
White Oaks E.S., Virginia Beach

Tonya Rickman-Rogers is an innovative computer resource teacher who works with teachers to help them integrate technology into their classrooms; students to excite them to technology related learning experiences; parents, to keep them well informed of student progress; and businesses, to seek student incentives for technology programs. She is an innovator who has strengthened the school-parent-community connection, launching a "Virtual PTA Meeting" that showed a 150% increase in attendance and is currently exploring a "Technology Night On-line". In addition, she more than generously gives of her time as a Webmaster, Mentor, and Club Sponsor.

Teaching Staff: Educator

John Livingston
Fifth Grade Teacher
Captain John Smith E.S., Hampton

John is a fifth grade teacher who is technology savvy, helping fellow teachers when technology problems arise in his school. John Livingston understands creative problem solving, team based, learner centered instruction. His fifth grade class created the schools' first digital yearbook on CD-ROM, involving more than 2000 files. Students took photos and digitized them, scanned artwork, and determined file formats for the yearbook. Further, they developed marketing strategies for their finished product and sold 100 copies in two weeks. Meanwhile, 100% passed their technology SOLs. This year they are exploring audio and full motion video to the finished product. Meanwhile, John Livingston is continuing to share his infectious enthusiasm for technology with fellow teachers and students.

Mia Swan
Special Education Teacher
Rappahannock Central E.S., Middlesex

Mia Swan is an innovative teacher who generously gives of her free time, helping teach technology to fellow teachers. Her contribution is especially noteworthy when it comes to helping students with learning disabilities; she has used technology to dramatically improve phonics skills in dyslexic students; and helped dysgraphia students use technology to complete their assignments at home. She is an innovator who started the School Computer Club and is currently planning to launch a three week Summer Computer Camp (whose marginal revenue will help support the Computer Club). Mia is a self learner who participates in division-wide school shows us that one teacher can indeed make a difference.

    Honorable Mention

    Karen West
    Second Grade Teacher
    D.J. Montague E.S., Williamsburg-JCC

    Karen West is an exceptionally creative teacher who connects students via technology to the real world, from weather in Africa, to spelling games, or linkage to an international student in Slovenia.

Elementary Administrator

Richard Crawford
Hardy E.S. Isle of Wight

Richard Crawford has fully integrated technology into his school, from student run video morning news, electronic field trips, email communications with staff, and establishing extensive software and hardware into each classroom, with staff preview and selection of software. Further, he has developed a program that links messages directly to parents at work or home. Richard Crawford demonstrates the technology firsthand as a role model and has established practices that include technology as the integral link for communications, instruction, and learning. National recognition has come to Hardy Elementary due to the influence of Richard Crawford.

    Honorable Mention

    Jarred Cotton
    Assistant Principal
    Chittum E.S., Chesapeake

    Jarred Cotton demonstrates extensive personal skills in technology and has played a key role with improving teacher technology competencies within his school. He is exceptionally generous in assisting others and has directly conducted numerous workshops while managing the school website.

Middle School Educators

Jason Perry
Technology Teacher
St. Clare Walker M.S., Middlesex

Jason Perry from St. Claire Walker Middle School in Middlesex County, has many of the characteristics of an outstanding technology educator. He is an exemplary teacher; he integrates multiple technologies and innovative approaches in his classroom, he voluntarily helps fellow teachers; he has a positive attitude and extraordinary rapport with students. What stands out above the rest, however, is his work with the Technology Student Association. This club has won 27 trophies since 1997, including three national winners. The proof is in the performance and Jason Perry's accomplishments can be measured on many levels, from day to day technology integration in the classroom, unselfishly helping others to participate in the world of technology, to taking a small rural school to regional, state, and national levels of student technology performance and recognition. The proof is in the performance.

George Gabb
Great Bridge M.S., Chesapeake

George Gabb is defined as "the new wave of teaching" by his Assistant Principal, Deborah Haver. George is described as enthusiastic and energetic, with deep devotion to learning. He readily offers assistance and provides staff development to fellow teachers. He is an inspiration to others. He uses graphing calculators and various probes in his physical science class and incorporates discovery and team building in his students. In addition, he goes well beyond the ordinary: he installed a radio telescope antenna on the top of his portable classroom to capture live digital plots of sunspot activity that were transferred to a computer for analysis. He utilizes innovative multi-disciplinary projects such as spring baseball that include student written bio-poems, graphs of statistics, description of historical events, and the physics of baseball itself. The completed multi-faceted project is the student's ticket to attendance at a baseball game at Harbor Park. George Gabb demonstrates the value of incentives and the integration of technology in his subject and other disciplines.

    First Runner Up

    Paul Otto
    Chorus Teacher
    Peasley M.S., Gloucester

    Paul Otto from Peasley Middle School in Gloucester is an incredibly creative Chorus teacher who utilizes a wide range of technology with his students. His classroom integration of technology demonstrates his willingness to take music beyond the notes, to a broader and higher level. He was recognized last year by the Daily Press newspaper as Gloucester's Middle School Teacher of the Year.

    Honorable Mention

    Craig Kauffman
    Science Lead Teacher
    Jones Magnet M.S., Hampton

    Craig Kauffman is the Science Lead Teacher from Lancaster Middle School in Lancaster County. Craig is an inspirational science teacher who incorporates technology in his class, and demonstrates the many ways that he learns along with the students, the sign of a truly exemplary teacher.

    Patricia Sanzo
    Technology Teacher
    Jones Magnet M.S., Hampton

    Patricia Sanzo is an outstanding Hampton Public Schools educator who is deserving of recognition for her work with technology.

High School Educators

Antonia Fox
Science Teacher
York H.S., York County

Antonia Fox brings exceptional technology innovation into the high school Chemistry Classroom. She integrates discovery, technology and chemistry content for her students to address an exciting hypothetical real-world based problem in forensics. Teams of students work with a wide variety of technology tools to solve a "who dunnit" problem, and along the way, Antonia ignites the interest of students in new career possibilities. She also generously shares her knowledge with fellow teachers at York High School and within the York County School Division. Congratulations to Antonia Fox who fuels the love of subject as students creatively use the tools of technology.

    First Runner Up

    Candis Griffin
    Reading Teacher
    Poquoson H.S., Poquoson

    Candis Griffin uses a variety of technology tools to help students in Poquoson High School prepare for the verbal PSAT test and improve reading, note taking, memory enhancement and reading comprehension skills. Her reading class helps ensure success in other high school subject areas as well. Her students have demonstrated significant increases in reading rates through technology integration, and graduating students frequently return to thank her for her assistance in preparing them for college. Congratulations to Candis Griffin for her exemplary integration of technology - providing the fundamental basics for student success in college and life.

    Honorable Mention

    Alphonse Kasongo
    Technology Facilitator
    Norfolk Preparatory H.S., Norfolk

    Alphonse Kasongo is an outstanding technology facilitator at Norfolk Preparatory High School. His work with teachers in an array of technologies, effectively using diagnostic and post tests to assess technology and teaching strategies is noteworthy. Congratulations for Alphonse Kasongo for his Technology advancement work at Norfolk Preparatory School.

Middle/High School Administration

Sherry Holt
Library/Media Coordinator
Hampton City Schools

The regional winner of the Technology Administrator of the year award is Sherry Holt, the Library Media Coordinator for Hampton Public Schools. Sherry supervises and supports libraries at 25 elementary schools, six middle and four high schools. She voluntarily takes on significant software tasks that could be assigned to others and successfully implements them. She is about helping others; she helps teachers and aides maintain their certification; she has assisted librarians in many ways, including use of Palm Pilots and barcodes for inventories. Above all, Sherry is described as a wonderful person to work for by her secretary, and her Superintendent describes her as giving that extra attention to insure that projects are completed accurately and on schedule. Sherry Holt is the well-deserved Technology Administrator of the Year.