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From the CEO - March 2023

Our annual spelling bee, which is a highly anticipated competition at the station, was held on February 11, and featured middle school students from across the region. It is WHRO's largest yearly production, and it takes a village to put together! In this month's issue, you can meet all of the champion spellers. Congratulations to each of them. We know how much studying and dedication it takes to make it to the spelling bee!

Speaking of competitions, another exciting competition in the works right now is our Young Storytellers Contest. This annual PBS Kids Writers Contest calls for children in grades K-5 in our community to write their own original story, poem or non-fiction piece and illustrate it. Last year, we received close to 200 remarkable stories written by extremely talented kids! We are all looking forward to reading this year's stories. Entries must be postmarked by March 24. Think you may know students who would be interested in this competition? For details on how to enter, visit whro.org/writerscontest

Coming soon, the WHRO Newsroom will bring the news to your email's inbox via a concise, e-newsletter that summarizes important local news. The newsletter will be sent out Monday-Friday, as a daily workweek occurrence. We can't make choices for you, but we can help with things like knowing who's on your voting ballot or when a big storm might roll in and ruin weekend plans! This is a project we have been diligently working on and are eager to share with the public!

We have one concert left in the Sandler Center's Out of the Box Emerging Artist Series hosted by WHRO radio talent, Paul Shugrue. Join us on March 9, for the last show of the season, featuring live music from the region's best acts. Visit whro.org/events for details.

March also calls for the return of one of Missy's and my favorite PBS dramas. Sanditon returns with Season 3 on March 19! In Sanditon Season 3, the story continues with the fearless Charlotte Heywood and her friend Georgiana Lambe. What adventures, scandals, intrigue and above all else, romance, await our favorite characters? We can't wait to find out! For those who haven't watched Sanditon yet, both seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on WHRO Passport. Catch up before the upcoming new season!

Thank you for being a member of WHRO Public Media. Your support makes all of the ongoing work we are doing possible.

Take care, and have a great month!

Bert Schmidt President & Chief Executive Officer