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An Artist's salute to the ( very warm lately) Month of July

Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images
The sun sets behind power lines in Los Angeles in September.

On this week’s Acoustic Highway, we’ll have songs all about the (excessively warm of late) month of July. We’ll hear from artists Bobby Blackhat, Fox and Bear, John Prine, Nanci Griffith, and plenty of others, including Gordon Lightfoot and his anthem “Black Day in July.” Lightfoot issued the song on his 1968 album “Did She mention My Name.” The song reflects the 6 days of Detroit riots in the summer of 1967. The song would eventually be banned by thirty radio stations in the US. We’ll also hear music from Rob Robinson, Norman Blake, and the Weepies, all in a look at the epitome of the summer months- July. Join us on the Acoustic Highway. Sunday night at 9 on WHRV.

Barry Graham used to arrive at WHRO with a briefcase full of papers and lesson plans. For 32 years he taught US and Virginia Government in the Virginia Beach Public Schools. While teaching was always his first love, radio was a close second. While attending Old Dominion, Barry was program director at WODU, the college radio station. After graduating, he came to WHRO as an overnight announcer. Originally intending to stay on only while completing graduate school, he was soon hooked on Public Radio and today is the senior announcer on WHRV. In 2001, Barry earned his Ph.D in Urban Studies by writing a history of WHRO and analyzing its impact upon local education, policy and cultural arts organizations.