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Step Into the Shadows: 'Retro Underground with Crizti Walsh' on 89.5 WHRV

Retro Underground with Crizti Walsh

New program premieres June 1 on WHRV FM

In the dynamic world of Norfolk's radio scene, 89.5 WHRV introduces an electrifying new program poised to capture the ears and memories of devoted music lovers. Retro Underground with Crizti Walsh broadcasts every Saturday night from 10-11 PM, offering a rare glimpse into the revolutionary sounds of classic punk, post-punk, hardcore, and new wave music.

Hosted by Crizti Walsh, a seasoned figure in the alternative music scene, this show promises to be an authoritative guide through the formative years of these genre-defining movements. Crizti's extensive experience as a DJ and musician enriches her show, giving her the unique ability to spin records and weave the rich historical context around the tracks. Crizti's deep roots in alternative radio amplify her capability to engage with an audience that spans generations. This firsthand involvement lends credibility and depth to her narrative, allowing listeners to experience the authenticity and gritty charm of the music.

From the aggressive riffs of The Clash to the haunting melodies of Joy Division and the infectious energy of the Buzzcocks, the show encapsulates the spirit of a rebellious era in music.

Designed for enthusiasts of the era and newcomers alike, Retro Underground provides a comprehensive exploration of the movements that defined much of today's music landscape. Crizti's unique narrative brings to life the vibrant stories behind the music, painting a vivid tableau of the cultural upheavals these iconic tracks played in the musical evolution of the late 1970s, 1980s, and early 1990s.

Retro Underground with Crizti Walsh airs on 89.5 WHRV every Saturday from 10-11 p.m. beginning June 1. Tune in and let the symphony of the streets reclaim the airwaves.

*For those who miss the Saturday broadcast on WHRV, an encore presentation will play on Sundays from 8-9 p.m. on 88.7 WFOS.