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Out of the Box Album of the Week--Maggie Rogers--Don't Forget Me

Out of the Box Album of the Week--Maggie Rogers--Don't Forget Me

Eight years ago Maggie Rogers was thrust into the spot light by a Pharrell Williams viral video, now she has released her third album “Don’t Forget Me” and many of the songs are about coping with that sudden rush of fame.

The album is a much more rootsy sound than her last release and that seems to suit the confessional songs. She grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland and one of the songs is about calling her mother to learn that her parents are thinking about selling her childhood home.

The album comes after she earned a graduate degree from Harvard Divinity School. She had developed a cult following that blurred the lines between artist and therapist and she wanted to have the qualifications to write these kind of songs.  

Maggie Rogers embraces her emotional independence on the new album “Don’t Forget Me.” It’ has enough variety to be listened to driving down the highway with the windows down as she goes from heart shattering epiphanies to playful ruminations on relationships and handles it all like she’s been there before.