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Kellyanne Conway: Here's the Deal


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In 2016 Kellyanne Conway became the first woman in American history to manage a winning presidential campaign. Then she stepped into a significant role as the highest-ranking woman in the Trump White House — counselor to the president. The South Jersey native is no stranger to finding success through hard work. She was raised in an all-female household and became valedictorian of her Catholic high school; earned her law degree, with honors, from George Washington University Law School; founded a polling company, inc./WomenTrend, that she ran for 21 years, and is mother to four school-age children.

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In her new memoir, Here’s the Deal, she takes readers along on her journey to the White House and through her time serving there.

In this week’s episode of Watching America, Conway discusses the book and shares with host Dr. Alan Campbell the challenges, both personal and professional, that she faced during her time working for former President Trump. As political divisions were sweeping the country and being amplified in news reports and through social media, Conway saw these divisions start to play out in her own family. From reporters hunting down her teenage daughter to scathing Saturday Night Live parodies, her family life and marriage were thrust into the national spotlight. Yet she says she is very grateful for the opportunities that she has had and feels very blessed. She often speaks to groups of young women and encourages them with a message of not succumbing to a victim mindset.

“I try to tell young women to just be proud of your choices, even if they are poor choices, ultimately in the moment, they were your choices, and you will learn from them and grow from them. But you're nobody's victim.“

You can find Kellyanne on Twitter.

Listen to the full interview.