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Dave Rubin: Don't Burn This Country


Dave Rubin is an author, comedian, and TV personality best known for his political commentary. As a former progressive, he describes himself as a person who has “left the left” over what he describes as an increasingly radical ideology that encourages political correctness and groupthink over individuality.

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He is the host of The Rubin Report,, a top-ranking YouTube talk show recognized as one of the most influential spaces for honest conversations about complex issues and current events. His show aims to create a civil discourse with people who have both similar or opposing beliefs.

His new book, Don't Burn This Country: Surviving and Thriving in Our Woke Dystopia,, seeks to explore ways for people to thrive in what he calls “this era of woke lunacy.”

In this interview with host Dr. Alan Campbell, Rubin discusses his new book, how his shift in political ideology led him to move from California to Florida, how an annual month-long media fast helps him gain renewed perspective, and more.

Listen to the full conversation.