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This Week on HearSay
May 8-11, 2006

Monday, May 8
HearSay Classic: Medicare, Part D - Prescription Drugs and Policy
Medicare’s Prescription Drug Plan, called Part D, went into effect January 1st of this year, but millions of senior citizens are still trying to decipher and choose from a dizzying array of plans, including more than 40 in the State of Virginia.  How did Part D come about and what are some of the intended, and unintended, consequences?  As the May 15th enrollment deadline approaches, we revisit a conversation on Medicare Part D. 

Tuesday, May 9
This Month in History: The Lost Liner

In the Spring of 1915, the Lusitania's captain and crew expected a safe Atlantic crossing, but a German U-boat would bring Lusitania's journey to a devastating end. Our favorite historian John Quarstein joins Cathy in the studio for a look at the fateful voyage of the this famous liner and its impact on our nation.

Wednesday, May 10
Special Programming: Crossing East, Part One
Join us for a two part public radio special presentation on the history of Asian American immigration, from pre-America to post-9/11.  Crossing East focuses on the many waves of Asian immigration into America and the impact this immigration has had on descendants, global ties, and the making of this country.  Today's program looks at how international trade brought early Asian travelers to the Americas.

Thursday, May 11
Special Programming: Crossing East, Part Four

Keep Asians Out – that has been the consistent message toward Asian immigrants beginning with the Exclusion Act of 1882.  Crossing East gives detailed accounts of immigration laws designed specifically to restrict Asian Americans.

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