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This Week on HearSay,
December 4-7, 2006

Monday, December 4 

What if you could cut your commuting costs in half and reduce stress on the way to work?   James Toscano and Carol Russell from Hampton Roads Transit join Cathy to discuss Telework VA, a program that entices workers to give up their cars and work from home.  We'll also talk about an innovative concept in road design with Transportation Engineer Ian Lockwood of Glatting Jackson.  Some urban planners say removing visible road markings reduces speed and accidents by encouraging drivers to be more aware.  Could "naked roads" make us better motorists?

Tuesday, December 5

Did you know that the majority of us worry more about something that will never happen to us yet ignore more probable dangers?  We'll look at how we evaluate risk, our irrational approaches to risky behavior and how to relieve stress by worrying less with Dr. Eric Stone, Associate Professor of Psychology at Wake Forest University and Dr. Robert Leahy, Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at Cornell University Medical School and author of The Worry Cure.
Time Magazine Article

Wednesay, December 6
Should the United States maintain an all-volunteer military or should the military draft be reinstated?  Repeated opinion polls have shown that the majority of Americans oppose it, but US Congressman Charles Rangel, (D) NY plans to introduce a bill that requires Americans to sign up for a new military draft after turning 18.  Join Cathy and guests Dan Amon, Public Affairs Specialist with Selective Service, Paul Gastris, editor-in-chief of Washington Monthly, and Philip Gold, author of The Coming Draft: The Crisis in our Military and Why Selective Service is Wrong.

Thursday, December 7

'Tis the season for that yearly office party, but it's also a time when businesses need to protect themselves from holiday related lawsuits.  Disputes can arise over everything from alcohol consumption at the office soiree to religious messages that might offend some employees. We'll talk about what responsibilities businesses face with Mike Goodove, Chairman of the Southside Chapter of MADD, Tim McConville, partner in the firm Wilcox and Savage and Richard Bayer, COO of the Five O'Clock Club.  We also talk with Rod Evans about his new book, The Gilded Tongue: Overly Eloquent Words for Everyday Things.

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