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Windows FAQ's

1. I can't get online. What's the first thing I should do?

Restart! Sometimes all it takes to get your connection back up and running is to restart your machine. Also, check to make sure your "Caps Lock" is not on. :-)

2. I STILL can't get on, should I re-install the software?

We do not recommend that you re-install the software, this could possibly cause you more problems than you started with. Call the tech support hotline at 889-9424 option 1, if you get to the point where you want to re-install the software.

3. I have installed Internet Explorer 5.x and now nothing works, how do I uninstall it?

  • Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  • Double-click Add/Remove Programs, and then click the Install/Uninstall tab.
  • In the list of installed programs, click Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools, and then click Add/Remove.
  • Click Restore the previous Windows configuration, or click Advanced to specify any additional components you want to remove.
  • Click OK. The Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools Setup screen appears. This portion of Setup is referred to as the Maintenance mode.
  • When Setup starts, click OK to restore the previous version of Internet Explorer and shared components. You are prompted to verify that you want to restore the previous version. Click Yes to start the uninstall process. When the uninstall process is completed, click Restart Windows when you are prompted to do so.
4. How do I upgrade my browser to 128-bit encryption?

Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click on "Help"
  • Click on "About Internet Explorer"
  • Click on "Update Information"
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

  • We've made it easy for you! Click here for update information.
5. Messages come in with an attached file "WINMAIL.DAT" or "AT00001.DAT" and neither Eudora nor any other program can open it.

Eudora doesn't open attachments. Eudora just passes them to the program that is registered with Windows to open that type of attachment (eg. Eudora asks Word to open .DOC files). Once you receive an attachment it is automatically decoded and stored in your designated Attachment directory. Opening that file is no different from opening a file that was given to you on a floppy disk by a friend--if you don't have the program that originally created that file, you most likely won't be able to open it.

A .DAT file is a data file and many different applications use them. It is unlikely that any one program is registered in Windows with the File Association for .dat; this is why Eudora would not be able to guess what to open this type of file with WINMAIL.DAT is a proprietary Outlook file that allows Outlook users to send Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) information (see Microsoft's technical support article at This TNEF information is unopenable and irrellevant outside of Outlook.