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2007 Excellence in Technology Winners

"Not what they do for themselves, but how they involve and inspire others."


Download Elemetary School Winners list here.

Technology Educator of the Year

This category recognizes (1) the outstanding technology professional that supports educators with technology integration and (2) the classroom teacher that most exemplifies integration of technology in their classroom.

Elementary School-Technology Educator (tie)

Marie Booz, Computer Resource Specialist,
Landstown E.S., Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Marie Booz is described as an outstanding computer resource specialist who constantly advocates technology and models its use in ways that promote student learning and engagement.” In addition to Marie providing an important comfort factor for teachers, she brings significant innovation into the learning process.  As one example, working with a classroom teacher she designed a problem-based learning activity with real world context that involved a pond adjacent to the school. Fourth and fifth graders became data collectors using a variety of probes and technology; measurements were imported into data tables with analysis focusing on math and higher order thinking skills. Students used a digital camera to document every step in the process and a video was compiled so that all classes at Landstown could virtually visit the pond.  Marie’s name tends to be on every grant application seeking funding for technology in her building. She presents at conferences and generously shares her knowledge with others.  The judges are pleased to recognize Marie Booz, Computer Resource Specialist at Landstown Elementary for her exemplary technology integration support of the  Elementary Classroom.

Jennifer Grabiec, Computer Resource Specialist,
Birdneck E.S., Virginia Beach City Public Schools
  Sharing this award category is Jennifer Grabiec, Computer Resource Specialist at Birdneck Elementary. Supporting 150 faculty and 1,000 students, Mrs. Grabiec is described as meeting every demand and rising to every challenge.  She models lessons in 56 classrooms utilizing the Interactive Whiteboard, Laptop cart, Interwrite School Pad, Alpha Smarts, and more. She troubleshoots for over 350 computers, printers and laptops. She established the schools first Technology Committee, established an after school Computer Club, and further established Birdneck Elementary’s Technology Night for parents. She has taught teacher workshops on a variety of applications, and serves as the school Webmaster. Her Principal describes Jennifer Grabiec as a gifted professional that is respected and appreciated by both students and faculty. For her many talents and contributions, the judges are pleased to recognize Jennifer Grabiec, Computer Resource Specialist at Birdneck Elementary School for her exemplary technology integration support of the Elementary Classroom.


Elementary School-Technology Classroom Educator

Sarah Sykes, Classroom Teacher,
5th Grade, Landstown E.S., Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Sarah Sykes models visual learning as a method for differentiating curricular material and has created outstanding units on the Underground Railroad, Iditarod, and Brain. She focuses on student academic achievement and student centered learning. She integrates Videostreaming, Web Resources, and Inspiration graphic organizers to reinforce reading comprehension skills.  She enthusiastically shares her lesson plans and activities with her grade level colleagues.  Described by her Principal as a pioneer in the use of laptop computers who has a love for reading and writing with digital multimedia. Further, on “Multicultural night” she setup laptops around the gym with presentations running, allowing participants to literally walk country to country as they passed by the laptops.  Described as a leader of technology integration at Landstown Elementary, the judges are pleased to recognize Sarah Sykes, 5th grade classroom teacher at Landstown Elementary School in Virginia Beach, as the Technology Elementary Classroom Teacher of the Year.

Technology Administrator of the Year

Dr. Deborah Mansfield, Principal,
Bay View E.S., Norfolk City Public Schools

Dr. Mansfield is described as a technology advocate that has enthusiastically generated a significant increase in the use of technology at Bay View Elementary. She installed voluntary teacher training workshops to accompany more than one million dollars in updating the school’s technology assets.  She provides and dedicates early release time that assists with technology training; she regularly discusses strategies to address technology issues at weekly administrative planning sessions.  She openly supports teachers attending workshops and professional conferences to improve their skills and made a significant increase in TSIP certification upon her arrival at the school.  She uses innovative funding sources to move her programs forward and assists in obtaining grants to support technology integration within Bay View Elementary.  In conclusion, for her role as an advocate with vision and leadership, for her support of technology integration and for the commitment to help teachers and instruction, the judges are please to present the 2007 Elementary Building Level Administrator of the year award to Dr. Deborah Mansfield, Principal, Bay View Elementary School, Norfolk City Public Schools. 

Technology Supervisor of the Year
Janene Gorman, Coordinator, Instructional Technology,
School Administration Building, Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Janene Gorham has a history of being recognized for exemplary career accomplishments that include mentoring award winning teams at the Great Computer Challenge.  She currently serves as the Elementary Instructional Coordinator for more than 50 elementary schools in Virginia Beach and is described as always going beyond expectations and initiating new responsibilities. Among her most innovative projects has been the creation of online work spaces using SharePoint for discussions, task management and document sharing. Described as a superb instructor for both small and large groups, Janene coordinates district grant activities and manages the No Child Left Behind Enhancing Education through Technology grant.  Described as generously assisting others she also demonstrates the desire to improve herself and is a recent graduate of the school divisions Future’s Principals’ Academy for developing leaders. Janene Gorham’s influence extends far beyond the local level as she serves on the Board of Directors for the Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE) where she assists the advocacy committee promoting technology in education in legislation at the state and federal levels.


Download Middl/High School Winners list here.

Middle School Technology Classroom Educator of the Year

Melissa Guthrie, Middle School Teacher
Trinity Lutheran School Independant
Melissa Guthrie

The Judges are pleased to announce that the 2007 Middle School Technology Educator of the Year Award is being presented to Melissa Guthrie, Middle School Teacher at Trinity Lutheran Independent School

Melissa Guthrie teaches math, history, drama, and practical living skills. She is described by the Head of her school as “committed to technology that extends well beyond the classroom.” She is further described as a creative technology innovator, using and establishing websites, developing creative PowerPoint presentations, and capturing digital images and camcorder tapings. She has also established hotlines for parents and website tutoring for students.

She is an educator who has used professional development opportunities to not only increase her personal technology skills, but she shares her knowledge with fellow teachers and with the school at large where she frequently volunteers beyond the call of duty.

High School Technology Classroom Educator of the Year

Warren Zuger, U.S. History 11 Teacher Gloucester High School, County Public Schools
Warren_Zuger Warren Zuger is described as a “Digital Immigrant” by the ITRT at Gloucester High. He incorporates technology in some aspect every single day. Examples of his achievements include development of a web page for both students and parents, with links to all notes, class work, and discussion, as well as development and access to PowerPoint slides. He has developed an extensive library of unitedstreaming™ videos that he has burned on CDs. Using ExamView to enter test questions, he has redesigned his tests, and subsequently his student sub-scores have dramatically improved over the last two years.

He does all this while a floating teacher and also co-teaching with a special education teacher, bringing technology opportunities to special needs. Further, he generously assists students that need remediation and he freely shares his knowledge with fellow teachers.

For all Warren Zuger does within and beyond his classroom, the judges are most pleased to recognize him as the recipient of the 2007 High School Technology Educator of the Year Award.Congratulations!

Middle School Technology Administrator of the Year
Brenda Alluisi, Instructional Technology Resource Specialist Azalea Gardens Middle School Norfolk
Brenda AlluisiBrenda Alluisi is termed “a true one of a kind” by the Azalea Gardens Instructional Specialist. She guides students, parents, and faculty toward technology proficiency, and is described as a visionary who rarely seeks personal recognition for her noteworthy accomplishments. Based on a survey of needs, she helps teachers improve lesson plans incorporating brain based research; she helps them design online tests, WebQuests, homework and review activities. She assists and models how to enhance presentations and how to create powerful grant proposals. She further gives “private lessons” to teachers in one-on-one training. She has established personal high performance standards, responding to teacher requests in a 24 hour maximum response time.

In her own professional development she has completed the Capstone VSTE Nets*T program and is a nationally certified instructional technology specialist. With yet another example of stewardship, she generously shares her expertise city-wide and at state conferences.

For her technology leadership, and dedication to assist others with her expertise, it is the judge’s pleasure to award the 2007 Middle School Technology Administrator of the Year Award to Brenda Alluisi.