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Excellence In Technology Winners 2003

Awarded during the Great Computer Challenge
Old Dominion University
March 15, 2003

Technology Educator of the Year

Elementary School-Educator

Tami Maloney, Technology Integration specialist, Poquoson E.S., Poquoson

In the award category of Technology Educator of the Year, the judges unanimously selected Tami Maloney, Technology Integration specialist from Poquoson Elementary School. Tami does everything well that one would expect in her position, but she goes far beyond expectations. While she spends after school time helping teachers with technology integration, she even goes to their homes to help with computer problems. She assembled released SOL tests and created additional interactive activities to help students prepare for SOL tests. In 22 days her Website had 8, 680 hits from across Virginia. She helped her school become fully accredited for the past two years. Maintaining the school Website, she posts school information, the school handbook, and monthly school newsletter. She serves on the school division Technology Committee, she is a long-standing Great Computer Challenge Coach; she is Camp Director for the Poquoson summer computer camp for elementary and middle school age children, and she is a Community Computing Center Instructor. For her impact on technology in Poquoson Elementary School, the City of Poquoson, and beyond, it is the judge’s pleasure to recognize Tami Maloney as Technology Educator of the Year!

Middle School-Educator

Paul Hopkins, 8th Grade US History Teacher, Hampton Roads Academy, Independent

Paul T. Hopkins teaches 8th grade History at Hampton Roads Academy. He requires his students to use a variety of technology tools in his classroom and inspires them to regularly visit his WEB site when at home where they can review homework and classwork, calculate their grade averages, review study guides and participate in games that help them learn their subject. He further provides access to his syllabus, posts a calendar of events, and provides real world current event links that connect to classroom instruction. Mr. Hopkins is also generous with his time and talents; he helped Hampton Roads Academy create its Academic Technology Plan. He helps fellow teachers one-on-one, and teaches technology sessions to fellow teachers on “Maximizing Use of your Web Page”. For integrating technology in the classroom, for connecting to parents as well as students, and for inspiring and helping fellow teachers use and implement technology, the judges award the Middle School Technology Educator of the Year Award to Paul T. Hopkins from Hampton Roads Academy.


Gary Smith, 7th Grade Science Teacher, Lindsey M.S., Hampton

Gary Smith is a seventh grade science teacher at Lindsay Middle School in Hampton. He helped lead the way in the use of laptops at Lindsay, and volunteered to serve as his team’s liaison and offer front line assistance with Eclass, an electronic grading program. His students use laptops to develop power point presentations and demonstrate artistic skills and knowledge gained; they daily take class notes on their computers. Mr. Smith introduced online textbooks to his science class making breakthroughs with students who were reluctant to use traditional textbooks; he generously shares his expertise with fellow teachers. Meanwhile his students score above their peers in traditional classrooms on standardized tests. The judges recognize the impact, dedication, talent, generosity and enthusiasm of Gary Smith in awarding him the Middle School Technology Educator of the Year Award.


Middle School-Computer Teacher

Debby Martin, Business Computer Teacher, Jones Magnet M.S., Hampton

The Middle School Computer Teacher category is awarded to Debby Martin, Business Computer Teacher at Jones Magnet Middle School in Hampton. Rounding out the Hampton Central Administration and Building Level Administrator duo, Hampton Team recognition now further extends to the Middle School Teacher Trainer level, and Mrs. Debby Martin. Mrs. Martin is identified by her Principal as the “Technology Guru” at Jones Magnet Middle School. She designed and implemented a web design curriculum for the school, and volunteered to create and maintain the school website. She designed an Edgate website that is used as a model nationally and she is one of only 26 teachers in Virginia certified by the Va. Dept. of Education to teach an emerging program entitled Information Technology Foundation. While she is an exceptional, and enormously creative teacher in her own class, her Principal and fellow teachers rely on her to teach them the newest technology. For her demonstrated talents that enrich her classroom and those within her school, and for her generosity to share with others, The Middle School Technology Educator of the Year is hereby Awarded to Debby Martin, from Jones Magnet Middle School.

High School Educator

Kevin Tremper, Social Studies Teacher, Churchland H.S., Portsmouth

The High School Classroom Teacher Category is awarded to Kevin Tremper, Social Studies Teacher, at Churchland High School in Portsmouth Public Schools. Kevin is a remarkable first year teacher who hit the ground running with technology. He developed an SOL based - class WEB site, that provides information for both students and parents. Parents have found this site valuable in viewing what their children are studying in his class. As his Assistant Principal noted,” Mr.Tremper only has one computer in his class but he has brought technology to life in the Ancient World History environment.” He designed two creative Web-quest assignments on Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome in his first semester. Through the use of technology he brings excitement to his subject, he engages students, and generates results in his class. The judges hereby award the High School Technology Educator of the Year Award to Kevin Tremper of Churchland High School.


High School- Computer Teacher

Julie Moustafa, Business Education Technology Academy Teacher, Landstown H.S., Virginia Beach

The High School Technology Teacher Award is awarded to Julie Moustafa, at Landstown High School in Virginia Beach. While Julie is an outstanding classroom technology teacher with amazing accomplishments, the judges were especially impressed by the level of contributions she has made to fellow teachers. She volunteered to teach all Landstown High School Teachers how to make their own web site. She volunteered to teach a web resource class to all TCE teachers at the annual meeting in August, and teach all business teachers in the city to make and post their own web pages. Further, she has volunteered to teach a community outreach class on resume writing to parents in the community through Landstown High School’s Eagle Outreach Program. She has maintained the Landstown Web Master’s Club which is responsible for creating and maintaining the web sites of several clubs and school organizations. All told she is associated with five distinct web sites. For her individual classroom talents and for her generosity in sharing her skills to empower others, the judges award the High School Technology Educator of the Year award to Julie Moustafa at Landstown High School.

Technology Administrator of the Year

Elementary School

Peter D. Bender, Principal, Newsome Park E.S., Newport News

Peter D. Bender is Principal of Newsome Park Elementary in Newport News Public Schools. He created the concept for a math, science and technology school in which he serves as Principal. He has had every teacher trained in technology, he found funding needed to purchase hardware, and has made technology available to all students. While he has focused intensely on technology integration in the classroom he continues to seek new efficiencies in technology throughout the building. He generously recognizes outstanding uses of technology at Newsome Park, and of great importance, he serves as a role model for teachers; he completes the same training he requires of his staff and personally utilizes technology in day-to-day activities as well as special presentations. For his building level technology leadership it is the judges’ pleasure to award the Elementary Administrator of the Year award to Peter D. Bender.

David Gaston, Principal, Burbank E.S., Hampton

David Gaston, Principal of Burbank Elementary in Hampton Public Schools, also brings innovation within the school. He established a morning broadcast facility, created flexible scheduling to permit greater student technology access during the school year, including summer software programs. He excels in reaching out to parents, using the school Website as a vehicle to inform parents on school programs. Parents have used the Burbank Website from countries around the world, as advance preparation for their children to enroll in his school. He has solicited used computers from Langley Air Force Based and then raffled them off to families not having a computer in the home. He was also recognized for a United 2003 award for contributions to positive racial and cultural relations in Hampton. For his accomplishments within, and beyond the school, the judges are pleased to recognize David Gaston as Elementary Administrator of the Year.

Middle School

Georgianna Skinner, Technology Coordinator, Hampton

Georgianna Skinner at Central Administration in Hampton, has played a vital role in helping establish technology infrastructure to support instruction, from network bandwidth both wired and wireless, to laptops providing students 24 hour access to online resources. Her efforts also made possible an online assessment tool for teachers and administrators that provides instant feedback and reports. Georgianna has fostered strong relationships with Apple Computers, Oracle and Cisco, resulting in student academies as well as Hampton Schools becoming an Apple Certified Training Center. For her outstanding contributions enriching technology, associated groundbreaking programs, and establishing vital technology partnerships, it is the judges’ opinion that Georgianna Skinner be recognized for working with all the K-12 schools in Hampton, and on this day, be awarded the Middle School Technology Administrator of the Year Award.

Sue Edwards, Principal, Jones Magnet Middle School, Hampton

Sharing the Middle School Technology Administrator of the Year Award is Sue Edwards, Principal of Jones Magnet Middle School in Hampton. Sue Edwards, as building level administrator, is critically important with ensuring that technology is used within instruction and for other school related purposes. She has contributed significantly within her building to establish technology that influences safety, student and staff instruction, and capabilities for distance learning. 100% of her staff have reached Level 1, 2, and 3 technology proficiency levels. Her school is also developing a studio in the library that allows morning broadcast of live morning announcements through the Principal’s page. An acknowledged leader with vision, she is helping transform a middle school through the use of technology. The judges hereby award Sue Edwards, the Middle School Technology Administrator of the Year Award.


High School

John E. Downing, Director of Career and Technical Education, Northampton

The High School Technology Administrator of the Year is awarded to John Downing, Director of Career and Technical Education at Northampton County Public Schools. John Downing comes highly recommended by both the Northampton Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent. His work reflects a rich and broad spectrum of achievement and influence. John established a certification program for A+, and MOUS; he designed a school computer repair program; he assists with curriculum development and helps teachers integrate diverse technology tools in the classroom. One of his student projects used CAD to design a home for Habitat for Humanity. John also writes and secures grants as well as serving as a eager volunteer to solve problems and at times, represent the school division. For enthusiastic leadership, generosity of time, innovation and talent, the High School Technology Administrator of the Year award goes to John Downing.