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Professional Development

Find and register for training in all subjects at all grade levels delivered by broadcast video, face-to-face, online via the web, at a distance using two-way videoconferencing, or “blended” incorporating a combination of delivery modes. 


C.I.I. Hands-On Workshops
WHRO and the C.I.I. can schedule a hands-on technology workshop in the WHRO labs and throughout the region to meet your needs, covering topics from Web 2.0 to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and everything in between.

Tech Trek and Tech Trek: The Next Generation
Tech Trek occurs each summer and is a weeklong residential immersion into technology where participants learn databases, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, Internet tools, web design, multimedia presentations, and word processing, while focusing on the TSIP and technology standards. Tech Trek: The Next Generation expects participants to be more advanced andcovers Teaching online using Desire to Learn; Creating multimedia presentations incorporating digital video, animation, and sound; Advanced uses of databases and spreadsheets integrating realtime data. A variety of new and emerging technologies, such as wireless networking, podcasting, blogs, and streaming video, will also be highlighted.

VADOE Training Schedule
Check the Technology Workshops schedule posted on the Virginia Department of Education web site on a regular basis for additions and changes.


Principals: Leaders & Learners
is a seven part series that includes half-hour programs on balancing management and leadership roles, setting high expectations and standards, demanding content and instruction that ensures student achievement, creating a culture of adult learning, using multiple sources of data as diagnostic tools, and actively engaging the community.  Broadcast Schedule

Net Files
is a 30-minute news magazine-style, in-service, web program that shows teachers how to be "Net Wise" by demonstrating the tools and techniques they need to successfully integrate the Internet into the curriculum; highlights exemplary "Net Classrooms" where real teachers use the Internet to teach real kids in real classrooms; and helps promote "Net Safety" by informing teachers of potential problems before encountering them in the classroom. Learn more at 


WHRO Education Online Professional Development, online professional development powered by WHRO & VSTE and featuring Virginia’s PBS TeacherLine.  Click here to view all of the courses offeredClick here for the current schedule.

TSIP Anytime Anywhere
Online adaptation of the ever-popular Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel (TSIP) Certification course that has been offered for years as a face-to-face class through the C.I.I.

Virginia’s PBS TeacherLine
provides high-quality online professional development for Virginia educators through nearly 100 research-based courses at every grade level from PreK-12 in mathematics, reading, technology integration, teaching strategies, science, interdisciplinary, and curriculum mapping. Click here for the current schedule.

Graduate Credit Courses
Throughout the year, WHRO and the C.I.I. offers several Graduate Credit Courses. You can recieve 3 graduate credits through JMU by taking the Online Teaching Methodology course. Virginia's PBS Teacherline Courses also offer graduate credit for each course. Most of Virginia's PBS TeacherLine courses are also approved by James Madison University.


Reading Rockets
is a free web site created especially for parents and educators where you'll find hundreds of articles, webcasts, teleconferences, video programs, reports, and other resources on how to make sure kids read.

Searchable Course Listing and Registration (click on BROWSE PUBLIC CATALOG > ACCEPT THE TERMS > COURSE CATALOG)