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Science - Chemistry CH.1

Freshwater Aquatics

Travel by canoe through a freshwater ecosystem teeming with aquatic life from duckweed and water lily to bass and beaver. Determine the primary productivity of this rich pond community through dissolved oxygen studies and investigate the pond's successional stage. Analyze collected data to identify natural and man-induced factors that lead to eutrophication of aquatic ecosystems.

  • Location: Virginia Living Museum
  • SOLs Covered: Science LS.7 LS.9 LS.10 LS.12 BIO.1 BIO.5 BIO.9 CH.1
  • Time Required: 
  • Dates: 
  • Costs:

Pollution Solutions Questions of Quality

This activity suggests resources for teachers who wish to use state parks to collect data on water quality. The background information section provides a broad overview, but independent preparation will also be required in direct proportion to the number and sophistication of tests to be performed. (Grades 7-12)

  • Location: BayLink - State Parks 
  • SOLs Covered: Science LS.1, LS.4, LS.6, LS.7, LS.11, LS.12 , PS.1, PS.2, PS.4, PS.7 ,ES.1, ES.2, ES.9 , BIO.1, BIO.3, BIO.9 , CH.1, CH.6 
  • Time Required:
  • Dates: Any time of the year.
  • Cost:

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