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Excellence In Technology Teacher and Administrator Awards
WHRO and the C.I.I. award outstanding teachers and administrators who are leading the way to integrating technology in the classroom.

  • 2012 Winners
  • 2011 Winners
  • 2010 Winners
  • 2009 Winners
  • 2008 Winners
  • 2007 Winners
  • 2006 Winners
  • 2005 Winners
  • 2004 Winners
  • 2003 Winners
  • 2001 Winners
  • 1999-2000 Winners

    Ramsey Award for Outstanding Media Specialists
    This award recognizes the outstanding work done by media specialists and their contributions to the education and curriculum integration. The award is given each year in memory of Betty Ramsey a long time WHRO School Representative from Portsmouth Schools. The 1999-2000 winner is Velma Gray from West Point High School.

    NTTI Regional Teacher Of The Year
    At the annual WHRO Teacher Training Institute, teachers are recognized with a cash prize for outstanding use of the NTTI methodology in their classroom. The 1999-2000 winners are Norma Lovick, Azalea Garden Middle School, Norfolk and Ron Shaneyfelt, Tallwood High School, Virginia Beach.