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Face-to-Face Workshops

WHRO Education offers instructor facilitated online courses, hands-on workshops, and professional development resources designed by working educators for working educators. And as a leader in educational technology, we are experts at helping you take advantage of the cutting edge techniques and tools that can make your classroom an engaging, interactive learning environment. After all, that’s why you decided to become a teacher, isn’t it?

WHRO and the C.I.I. can schedule a hands-on technology workshop in the WHRO labs and throughout the region to meet your needs, covering topics from Web 2.0 to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and everything in between.

Tech Trek occurs each summer and is a weeklong residential immersion into technology where participants learn databases, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, Internet tools, web design, multimedia presentations, and word processing, while focusing on the TSIP and technology standards. Tech Trek: The Next Generation expects participants to be more advanced andcovers Teaching online using Desire to Learn; Creating multimedia presentations incorporating digital video, animation, and sound; Advanced uses of databases and spreadsheets integrating realtime data. A variety of new and emerging technologies, such as wireless networking, podcasting, blogs, and streaming video, will also be highlighted. You can find more info about Tech Trek here. If you have an interest in attending Tech Trek or have questions, please directe your question to

For more information about our courses, workshops, and flexible scheduling contact Byron Walker at or 757.889.9447.