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TSIP Anytime Anywhere
TSIP Anywhere Anytime
Online Training Course (45 recertification points)



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TSIP Anywhere Anytime 
Instructor: Debbie Rollins
Location: Anywhere
Computer Type: Windows or Mac
Dates & Times: Click here for the current dates and times.  You can log on at any time during this period to take the class. 
Cost for online course: C.I.I. Member-List Price: $430.00
Special Price: $345.00
C.I.I. Service Participant-List Price: $430.00
Special Price: $345.00
Non-C.I.I. Members-List Price: $430.00
Special Price: $345.00
Computer Requirements: Requires a computer that’s connected to the Internet, an email account, a current version of a Web browser, a handful of plug-ins, and the application programs being taught (Microsoft Office is being taught, but could take the class with almost any database, word Processor, or spreadsheet program).
Description: TSIP Anywhere Anytime is a six-week online course that is an online adaptation of the ever popular Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel (TSIP) Certification course that has been offered for years as a face-to-face class through the C.I.I. The purpose of this course is designed to assist Virginia Educators in exploring and developing expertise with the various aspects of telecommunications tools as well as model the ways in which these tools can be used for personal learning and for integration into the teaching/learning process. This course will focus on six main areas: beginning Windows, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and beginning Internet. 
TSIPs Covered: A. Instructional personnel shall be able to demonstrate effective use of a computer system and utilize computer software.

B. Instructional personnel shall be able to apply knowledge of terms associated with educational computing and technology.

C. Instructional personnel shall be able to apply computer productivity tools for professional use.

D. Instructional personnel shall be able to use electronic technologies to access and exchange information.

E. Instructional personnel shall be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and use appropriate instructional hardware and software to support Virginia’s Standards of Learning and other instructional objectives.

F. Instructional personnel shall be able to use educational technologies for data collection, information management, problem solving, decision making, communication, and presentation within the curriculum.