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VideoClassroom Implementation Study


You may remember from previous articles that one of WHRO’s latest and greatest educational services is VideoClassroom, a digital media distribution system that stores a multitude of WHRO-owned educational programming available for teachers to stream or download directly to their own classroom computers. When using VideoClassroom, teachers and students also have access to digital media from other public broadcasting stations from around the country through the new PBS Digital Learning Library.

As we continue to build up the beta version of VideoClassroom/PBS Digital Learning Library (DLL), ingesting more content and acquiring digital rights to more programs, teachers across Hampton Roads have stepped up to help us develop it even further. This past fall, a total of 28 tech savvy teachers from our region worked with ALTA Solutions Group and teachers from six other PBS stations in pilot testing the usability and impact of VideoClassroom/PBS DLL with their students.

From September to December, the teachers each picked one digital asset per week to implement into a lesson with their class and recorded their opinions in a “digital diary.” They were also involved in a number of surveys and interviews, providing feedback on what issues they encountered, what features they would like to see added and what their expectations were for the final product.

The initial feedback from this study has been very positive. Teachers are impressed with the quality of the assets in VideoClassroom/PBS DLL. A full research report will be available by the end of February.

VideoClassroom/PBS DLL has the potential to be an essential tool in every teacher’s lesson plans. And, with valuable feedback and research help from our local schools divisions, we will be able to shape the final version to meet the needs of those teachers who will use it the most.

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