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Super Readers To The Rescue!

Word World“Super readers to the rescue!” “Welcome to our world - Word World!” Do these theme songs vibrate throughout your household every morning while your young child sings along? If the answer is ‘yes,’ it’s because PBS and WHRO team together to provide great educational programming such as SUPER WHY and WordWorld to early learners who will soon be entering the educational system.

SUPER WHY and WordWorld are interactive preschool educational SuperWhyseries that encourage children four to six years old to become familiar and have fun with words and reading. SUPER WHY’s four main characters - Super Why, Princess Presto, Alpha Pig, and Wonder Red – visit favorite fictional stories and find out how famous characters handle similar situations. WordWorld encourages preschoolers to see words as their friends. Providing constant opportunity for word play for their audience, WordWorld empowers young watchers to become early readers by making the important connections between letters, sounds, words and meaning. These exemplary shows join others like Sesame Street and Between the Lions, and are effective learning tools for young learners.

Area school divisions (the member owners of WHRO) expect students entering kindergarten to be prepared and familiar with many basic skills. Familiarity with the alphabet, recognizing their full names, and basic counting ability are just a few of the skill sets educators want children to have mastered before entering kindergarten.

To help achieve this, WHRO is one of 20 public broadcasting stations in the nation to receive a three year Ready to Learn Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Ready to Learn Grants focus heavily on developing programs and resources that help young children build strong pre-reading and reading skills by using scientifically based reading research to guide teaching strategies. Part of the grant funds WHRO’s children’s televisions programs; other services include trainings for parents and child care providers, and reading camps for young children.

Angie Callahan, WHRO’s Director of Children’s Services, manages the Ready to Learn Grant and television programming. Martha Razor, Early Childhood Specialist, assists by coordinating the events for parents, childcare providers and other activities. The trainings teach those in high-need situations to develop skills that support their children’s learning. The trainings also provide parents tips on teaching basic skills at home. Children’s reading camps are also provided to further encourage literacy skills.

The engaging educational programming, trainings and camps are just a few services WHRO provides that help create and stimulate an environment of learning, not only for new entering kindergarten students, but also for all lifelong learners. With multitudes of resources, WHRO is proving that any time can be learning time. To learn more, please visit

Martha Razor

Martha Razor, Early Childhood Specialist,
at a reading event in a Portsmouth Public School.


Super WHY! is on WHRO HD 15.1
Monday – Friday at 9:00 AM and 12:00 noon
and on Sundays at 8:00 AM.

The show airs everyday on WHROKids 15.3 (Cox 108, Charter 701)
at 2:00 AM, 5:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 4:00 PM.

Word World is on WHRO HD 15.1
Monday – Friday at 11:00 AM.

The show airs Monday-Friday on WHROKids 15.3 (Cox 108, Charter 701)
at 2:30 AM, 8:30 AM, and 2:30 PM.

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