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Resources For Poetry WebQuest

Gathered by Starr Cortes

Contests posted for kids, but the site contains much more (need to register)

Poems to read and rate…but there are word games and poet theatre

Daily Poems

Make Share Revise Publish

Make, revise, share

Amazing! Glossary of Rhetorical Terms

A dictionary of Haiku-by season

(Haiku for people) Everything from what it is to old masters.

Young Writer- A magazine for young people with something to say- Great Links

Outta Ray’s Head-The Poetry Page

Rhyming Dictionary

A tool for poems, poets, audio visual, articles and children’s poetry

Serves poets and poetry since 1934 – has poem a day, poetry store, daily poems and such..too much to write really )

Poetry by Theme

Modern Poetry 161 poets alphabetized

Home of the World ’s Greatest Poems broken into categories

A poem a day for High School Students

Common used words from a variety of sonnets can be moved around to create a sonnet

Poetry words can be moved around like refrigerator magnets

A glossary of Literary Terms

Writing with Writers-brainstorm write and publish

Unlike thesaurus sites which give antonyms and synonyms -this site gives like word and anagrams

Glossary, poem and poet indexes

Biographies, poems, and titles

Interactive eNews

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