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Give Power Point A Rest - Use Prezi!

by Caroline LaMagna

Tired of using that same old teaching Power Point? What about your students? Has that good old Power Point presentation assignment lost a little of its charm? Check out Prezi - a non-linear, zooming presentation tool. There are free and subscription based options - educators can get free accounts with 500 MB of storage space. You can also download finished products to play on an offline flash viewer (which comes packaged in the .zip file when you download your project).

There is an extensive online learning center which includes tutorials in the “Prezi Academy” and helpful articles from the “Prezi Universe.”

With Prezi, you are not working with slides. You have an enormous canvas on which you create your entire presentation. Everything is done online - nothing to download or install. You can add text, shapes, and frames, as well as upload images, video, and .pdf documents to add to your Prezi. You can also embed YouTube videos (if you have access at school - we don’t, so I haven’t tried that feature). You can also set a navigation path from area to area in your project and zoom in and out.

Using Prezi is very simple - you can learn the basics in just a few minutes. Here is one I created - I admit, this took more than a few minutes, but that was mainly because I was so busy looking for images to add. Once I found them, adding and manipulating them was a snap. Just click the large arrow button at the bottom, center of the presentation screen to advance through the presentation:

Dante’s Inferno

There are so many ways this could be used in the classroom - as a student assignment, or as an instructional presentation tool. Here are some presentations published in the Prezi Showcase (you can publish yours there, too) that show examples of classroom use:

Anyway, I think this is another cool tech tool that is definitely worth a look!




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