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Educational Podcasting In Hampton Roads

podcastingAudio recordings and videos on the web are nothing new, but having the capability to subscribe to them is. Along with the podcast is an RSS file written in XML.

Have you created a podcast? How are you using podcasts in the classroom?
VideoCheck out this video to learn more about what podcasting is.
VideoCheck out this video to learn more about what RSS is.

Several Hampton Roads Schools are integrating podcasts into the classroom. TAKE A LOOK!


Submitted by Robb Ponton, ITRT

Starfish Award For Creating Humanities Podcasts

Linda DavisLynda Davis, the Visions teacher at Toano Middle School, and Robb Ponton, the Instructional Technology Resource teacher at Toano, recently engaged their emerging scholars and gifted eighth grade students with technology the students are most familiar with by creating a podcast that integrated World History with art, music, and technology during a unit on Paleolithic and Neolithic communities. The podcast product was an integrated world history and technology initiative that was student-generated to reflect the question posed to the students: “How have people who have achieved great accomplishments in their lives created, questioned, and imagined?”

The students worked many hours on their projects, often staying after school, to produce podcasts that reflected the learning and understanding the students had for the subject matter. Superintendent Gary Mathews recognized Ms. Davis and Mr. Ponton with the Superintendent’s Starfish Award for “making that ‘special’ difference for students who need more academic rigor or other support. This is the type of learning that should be taking place throughout our nation in the 21st century Age of Technology.” Lynda Davis is pictured receiving the award from Dr. Mathews; Mr. Ponton was unable to attend the Board meeting. Podcasts will be available soon.

Story from the Williamsburg School website - November 2007 Superintendent Starfish Award

Isle of Wight County Schools

Submitted by Reuben Johns, Coordinator of Instruction

In Isle of Wight County, all of the ITRTs are podcasting, but Alisa Segner as taken the lead by podcasting almost daily.  

Check out some of Alisa's podcasts here!!

Alisa is in the process of getting the teachers to have their own podcast.

Take a Look!! Click on the teacher's name.

Hampton City Public Schools - TiPS (Technology in Public Schools)

Submitted by Chris Wyatt, ITRT

This podcast focuses on topics related to the position of ITRT in Virginia Public Schools.


Accomack County Schools

Submitted by Melissa Rollosson, Technology Specialist

Accomack Public schools are starting to get the itch. They are considering using podcast book reviews in their middle schools.  The idea will be to let the students create podcasts reviewing books they have read from their schools' libraries.  We'd like to post them on a webpage which means no reviewer (last) names. Stay tuned...

St. Gregory the Great Catholic School

Submitted by Nancy Mulholland, Technology Coordinator

St. Gregory's has been producing many podcasts for the last year. Sr. Patricia O'Donnell, their previous principal, had made a new podcast every week to talk to the families. She highlighted school events, faith messages, and glimpses of school life. This year, their assistant principal, Dr. Cathy Whisman, has taken over with the podcasting and has just done her first one. Further, many of their classes record special projects and events for podcasts. One of our teachers records some of her lessons as well.


Norfolk Academy

Submitted by Ed Patterson, Director of Academic Technology & Webmaster

"Trees Have Eyes" Podcast I.1

"Duty" Podcast I.2

"Democracy matters" I.3

"Origami Lab" I.4

"Dignified Slugger"


Norfolk Public Schools

Submitted by Kent Collins, Norview High School

Kent Collins decided that the tool of choice to meet the needs of his students was a blog instead of a podcast. They titled the blog trans|mission and used it to keep track of Team #1793's efforts as they prepared for the U.S. FIRST Robotics Regional last spring. This project has ended, but you can see how they used a blog to meet their needs.

In the next issue, we will highlight schools using blogs. Make sure you submit how you are using blogs to


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Click here for instructions on how to create a podcast using gcast.

During week 3 of Tech Trek, some of the participants experimented with to create a podcast. If you attended Tech Trek, and could like to add comments about your experience at Tech Trek to this podcast, drop a message to to recceive the login and password. Then you can upload your audio file to the gcast website, and your file will automatically be added to this podcast. Click on the play button to hear a few of the podcasts that were created during Tech Trek.

Isle of Wight County

Hampton County Schools

TiPS (Technology in Public Schools)

St Gregory the Great


Norfolk does a little blogging instead!