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Online/Onair Professional Development

WHRO produces and broadcasts professional development programming that focuses on technology and improved teaching strategies featuring local and national experts.

SchoolTalkThis national award winning program features video clips and Internet sites for teachers to use correlated to Virginia Standards of Learning, "One on One" interviews with outstanding educators and students, and on-location segments highlighting exciting school projects and activitiesClick here for this month's SchoolTalk Monthly as well as

upcoming professional development events. Each month four local schools (elementary, middle, high, and independent) are recognized as Schools of the Month. You can let us know why your school should be chosen by contacting Angie Callahan via email at School Talk Monthly is now also available via video streaming from this site.

Video StreamingView SchoolTalk on demand video archives here.

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Net Files is a 30-minute, monthly, news magazine style, in-service, television program that:

  1. Shows teachers how to be "Net Wise" by demonstrating the tools and techniques they need to successfully integrate the Internet into the curriculum.
  2. Highlights exemplary "Net Classrooms" where real teachers use the Internet to teach real kids in real classrooms.
  3. Helps promote "Net Safety" by informing teachers of potential problems before encountering them in the classroom.

Tom Doering, Menchville High School Media Specialist, features the latest and greatest educational web tools and sites.

Video StreamingView NetFiles on demand video archives here.

TeachingNow!TeachingNOW! is a television and radio series that investigates the relationships between education and technology. The series explores issues, ideas, and strategies surrounding today's education and tomorrow's teachers.

Series funded by U.S. DOE grant. Technology integration at Colleges of Education and K-12 best practices from across the nation.

Video StreamingView Teaching Now!on demand video archives here.

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Comments, Corrections, Educational Technology Stories and resources to share can be sent to

Show your pride! Contact us and let us know why you think your school should be highlighted as School Talk’s “School of the Month”.

You can let us know why your school should be chosen by contacting Angie Callahan via email at