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VideoClassroom - WHRO Stays On The Cutting Edge

Since 1957, when WHRO first started airing “television teachers,” WHRO’s mission has been to be the premier provider of non-commercial, technology-based educational products and services for Virginia educators and students. VideoClassroom, one of WHRO’s latest educational tools, is an excellent example of how we stay on the cutting edge.

For decades, teachers would wheel out bulky TVs and VHS tapes to share clips of shows they had previously recorded from WHRO broadcasts with their students. Now imagine a warehouse storing a multitude of educational programming that can be accessed in a classroom with the push of a button. With VideoClassroom, teachers will be able to stream or download videos that bring lessons to life and engage students with dynamic and interactive content.

VideoClassroom is a digital media distribution systems that will allow teachers and students to search content based on subject, SOL, and grade level. The system has an extremely powerful search engine that can do voice and image recognition, as well as natural language searches. Since WHRO owns the rights to all of the VideoClassroom content, teachers are able to customize their lesson plans with mini videos ranging from science to history and students will be able to use and edit videos for their own projects. The same resources are also being used in the online high school courses that WHRO is developing.

When using VideoClassoom, teachers and students will also have access to digital media from other public broadcasting stations from around the country. PBS has launched its own national system, DLL (Digital Learning Library), and WHRO was one of sixteen stations nationwide chosen to integrate our system with their system. In fact, VideoClassroom was featured at the PBS Annual Meeting held in May to demonstrate, in real time, the integration of WHRO’s local system and DLL!

Beginning this past summer, and continuing through the next school year, approximately 3,700 digital videos will be ingested into VideoClassroom. Teachers will segment videos, correlate the content to SOLs, and supply feedback. Educators from around the area are providing information on how they want to search the content and the interface is literally being built from the ground up based on their input. In September a soft release of the VideoClassroom was made available to teachers and students. To request a VideoClassroom username and password, please contact the WHRO School Representative from your district listed on the VideoClassroom home page, Reading Rainbow and Teens Kids News are currently available on VideoClassroom during the beta testing.

Digital media distribution has become the number one service requested by area educators. VideoClassroom is just what they asked for.


VideoClassroom - Math

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