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Partnerships Build The Future


As January brings a start to a new year with new possibilities, WHRO’s Education Department reflects back on the progress made in 2009 as we plan for the year ahead. One significant development we’ve made in the past 12 months is through Virginia’s PBS TeacherLine. Virginia’s PBS TeacherLine delivers high-quality professional development opportunities to teachers and administrators by offering online courses designed specifically to be “attended” right from the comfort of their own homes. Virginia’s PBS TeacherLine provides educators with a convenient way to access the skills and knowledge they need to reach their goals and ultimately improve student achievement, and this year TeacherLine has developed partnerships with three of the most influential professional organizations in education.

The Virginia Association of School Superintendents (VASS) is a group of superintendents from Virginia’s public schools who are dedicated to providing leadership and advocacy for public school education. The Virginia Education Association (VEA) is a community of more than 60,000 teachers and school support professionals supporting quality instruction and curriculum, adequate funding, and excellent working conditions for Virginia public employees. The Virginia Association for Supervision and Curriculum (VASCD) is an organization of educators who are dedicated to advancing excellence in teaching, learning and leadership by providing programs and services to promote quality instruction. With the common goal of improving leadership in education, Virginia’s PBS TeacherLine has teamed up with these organizations to promote each other’s services and share access to courses, workshops, and conferences.

With the partnerships made in 2009, this January begins a promising new year for education in Virginia. As WHRO continues to collaborate with these and other organizations, we help to assure a viable future for online professional development and ultimately for future generations of lifelong learners.





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