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Lindsay Library Launches iPod Touch Tours

Melanie Parker , Lindsay Teacher-Librarian
Lindsay Middle School, Hampton, VA


For many students, searching for a call number and finding a book in the shelves at the library can seem like a daunting task.

Melanie Parker, Lindsay Teacher-Librarian, understands the importance of connecting with students to make them aware of resources and services available. Up until now, most new students were introduced to the library by way of their Language Arts classes and orientation by library staff.
Linsay Middle School - Student with iPod Touch
Linsay Middle School - Student with iPod Touch In the spring, Melanie Parker received five iPod Touches from HCS as part of an iPod Touch project where she had to describe how she would incorporate podcasting into the curriculum.
The video tour directs students through the library’s book shelves, checkout procedures, special collections, and computer lab. It covers the library’s space, resources and services in a 10 minute tour featured on an iPod Touch. It encompasses some of the major resources that Lindsay’s library has to offer in a portable device. It also stays true to incorporating technology with education. Linsay Middle School - Student with iPod Touch
Linsay Middle School - Student with iPod Touch
Hampton City Schools






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