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Hampton Roads Virtual Learning Center

Content Developers Needed


For more information about the content developer position, check out the FAQs. If interested in applying for one of these positions, send a cover letter and current resume to



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Comments, Corrections, Educational Technology Stories and resources to share can be sent to

For more information on this exciting, forward thinking initiative please contact
Jacque Dewey,
E-Learning Manager

at WHRO and Project Manager for course development at

If you would like a sneak peek of an online course, go ahead and login with the following info.

Go to:
username: cii
password: cii

Once you log in, the Demo course is located in the My Hampton Roads Virtual Learning Center Courses widget. After entering the course, begin by clicking on the Content link in the navigation bar. Then use the content links to work your way through the course elements. Please note that this user has the role of student NOT teacher AND is a DEMO only. As a result, you will only see a sample topic(s) from several courses.