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Pitney Bowes Awards Great Bridge Primary
A $3000.00 Grant!!

Terry Grimm, Chesapeake Public Schools

Great Bridge Teacher

Great Bridge Primary is pleased to announce for the second year in a row, Pitney Bowes Community Investments Literacy and Education Grants have awarded our school a grant. During the 2007-2008 school year, Pitney Bowes awarded GBP $2500.00 to purchase the software program, Word Maker, for our entire computer lab. This 2008-2009 school year, they continued to help our community by granting us $3000.00 which was used to purchase another SMART Board with hardware, a projector and a SMART Document Camera. This helps us achieve our long term goal of supplying every classroom with a SMART Board and projector. GBP believes with the integration of technology into the classroom curriculum, it provides interaction by the students so they can participate in classroom instruction with a truly hands-on approach and allow for Differentiated Instruction.

Thank you Pitney Bowes!

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