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TeacherLine LogoSo Many Wonderful Online Professional Development Gifts

John Whitley, Ed.D., Solutions Representative

When you log-on it’s as if the best online professional development gifts were awaiting your selection. Of course you know about all of the powerful PBS TeacherLine reading, math, language arts, science, instructional strategies and instructional technology courses available to enhance your teaching and expand your horizons. You also know these online courses become the professional development gifts that enable you to receive certificate renewal and graduate credits.

But did you know about some of the other PBS TeacherLine online professional development gifts awaiting you and your colleagues? Let’s explore briefly three of these special products:

Peer Connection delivers the ultimate online instructional coaching tools to enable you to search for appropriate professional development resources, save these resources using a unique custom labeling system, and share them with the educators being coached. It constructs positive peer partnerships and maximizes the utilization of the unlimited resources of PBS TeacherLine.
Click here for a tour of Peer Connection.

Peer Connection

The ISTE NETS-T Capstone Program embodies the strength of PBS TeacherLine and the International Society for Technology in Education [ISTE]. Upon successful completion of the online three courses, you receive the prized ISTE NETS-T Certificate of Proficiency. You become recognized for your accomplishment and your abilities.

Online Facilitator Training prepares you to develop knowledge, skills and abilities for leadership roles in supporting the learning process of learners enrolled in PBS TeacherLine courses. Upon completion of the training, you will join hundreds of other facilitators prepared to make a difference in the lives of learners. You know all of the PBS TeacherLine courses are guided by facilitators who hold at least a Master degree. Click here to view the syllabus. Click here to see when the next offering is.

Talk to your Superintendent, Directors of Instruction, Principal and your other colleagues about putting these gifts on your professional development list. What a wonderful way to make a difference in your career.

Check our website, to discover the wonderful world awaiting you.
Give us a call (866.851.3677) to discuss any questions.

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