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Super Why Reading Camp

Super Why

Super Why visits Super Why Reading Camp on

WHRO was delighted to introduce the SUPER WHY Reading Camp as our first PBS KIDS Raising Readers literacy event at Fort Story, Virginia Beach, August 18-22, 2008.

Each day of the camp the children were pre and post tested on the literacy skill being presented. Skills include letter identification, rhyming/decoding, spelling/encoding and reading comprehension.

Day five of the camp was SUPER YOU Day celebrating what the children learned throughout the week. Super Why himself showed up to great the children. On SUPER YOU Day we videotaped the children’s progress and will be providing DVD copies to deployed family members and those training to deploy so that they too can celebrate their children’s successes.

Ongoing visits to the Fort Story base and Child Development Center to promote reading activities will also take place throughout the year.


Super Why

Super Why on SUPER YOU Day with Ashley & Martha Razor

Super Why
Kids @ Super Why Camp ready to answer

Super Why


WHRO Studio Crew reading the microphone in to capture the learning of the Super Readers during the Super Why Camp

Super Why
Learning can be fun @ Super Why Reading Camp

Super WhyFort Story was presented with a Raising Readers Certificate of Appreciation by Angie Callahan

Super Why
Angie Callahan helps child put on her Super Why mask @ the Super Why Reading Camp







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