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15th Annual Reading Rainbow Contest

Reading Rainbow

The 15th Annual Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest is right around the corner. It is open to students in grades K-5. The contest encourages children to write and illustrate their own stories. The stories will be accepted starting in January and are Due Friday, March 27th, 2009 by 5pm.

Not sure what the Reading Rainbow contest is all about?wmpicon Click here for some words about the contest from Megan, 2006 winner. 

The registration forms will
be available soon.


Reading Rainbow 2008

Almost 600 children in grades K-5 wrote their best stories, drew pictures to illustrate their stories and then submitted their entries to the WHRO’s 2008 Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest. In our winner circle, we had stories about elephants, donkeys, frogs, bears, flamingos, guinea pigs and unicorns. We also had stories about stars, trees and fingernails. Our Blue Ribbon Panel from the Hampton Roads Youth Partnership had a tough time determining our winners.

Our winners, their families and teachers were invited to WHRO on May 9 for a studio taping and a special reception in their honor. WHRO President & CEO Bert Schmidt joined host Angie Callahan during the Award Show taping to congratulate the winners. He told the children how much he enjoyed reading their stories and then commented on how the underlying theme in almost all of the winning stories this year was compassion. He encouraged the students not to lose the desire to help others when they get older. Ms. Callahan then interviewed each child about their story. The group celebrated by cutting a cake designed especially for them and then each family went to the studio control room to watch as WHRO’s production crew taped the winning students reading their stories. The Awards Show and the students reading their stories will be posted online soon at

Congratulations to all our young winners for showing their creativity!

Reading Rainbow 2008 Winners

Visit the Reading Rainbow website to view the children reading their winning stories.


1st Place

Bailey Johnson

Story Title- “We Are All Friends”

Western Branch Elementary
Chesapeake, VA


Honorable Mention

Fiona Sullivan

Book Title- “My Favorite Fairytale”

Larchmont Elementary
Norfolk, VA


First Grade:
1st Place

Chipper Neikirk

Story Title- “The Adopted Frog”

Norfolk Academy
Norfolk, VA


Honorable Mention

Makarius Salib

Story Title –“The Happy Tree”

Norfolk Academy
Norfolk, VA


Second Grade:
1st Place

Anthony Winslow

 Story Title- “Herman The Bear Goes Home”

Francis Mallory Elementary
Hampton, VA


Honorable Mention

Ruben Todd

 Story Title- “The Donkey Who Lost His Memory”

James Hurst Elementary
Portsmouth, VA


Third Grade:
1st Place

Frank Reyes

Story Title – “Billy, the Sleeping Artist”

Woodstock Elementary
Virginia Beach, VA


Honorable Mention

Jennifer Hilsdon

Story Title – “The Horrible Sound”

Cooper Elementary
Hampton, VA


Fourth Grade:
1st Place

Josie Voter

Story Title- “Choosing the River Jungle Leader”

Larchmont Elementary
Norfolk, VA


Honorable Mention

Maggie Rowland

Story Title- “The Secret Star”

W.H. Taylor Elementary
Norfolk, VA


Fifth Grade:
1st Place

Charity Bone

Story Title- “The Freaky Fingernail”

Annie B. Jackson Elementary
Waverly, VA


Honorable Mention

Molly Dolan

Story Title- “Talking Josie”

Larchmont Elementary
Norfolk, VA

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Any questions about the Reading Rainbow competition can be directed to Martha Razor at 757.889.9112

wmpiconListen to what Megan has to say about the Reading Rainbow contest.